Sunday, April 18, 2010

In the dark, dank dressing rooms deep underground at the memorial theatre downtown Fresno. Guest artists at Altered Modalities' Spring Concert (Local Professional Contemporary Dance Company). We performed "Of the Independent Party", a piece I choreographed to music by Rasputina. Good response. Altered Modalities is amazing!

Left to right:
Sarah Brownell, Leesha Melson, Laura Black, Catie Crawford. Wonderful girls. Great performers. I'll miss them so much.

Kenneth Balint (CSUF Advisor, director, ballet teacher, and all around favorite professor!!!) wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get a shot of him with his wife, Debra.

KENNETH!!!!! I'm going to miss this man.

Jon McPhee (someone I dated a long time ago), professor of Geography at Clovis Community College, living it up in his secret life as a ska music star with The Suppressors. Vintage Days at CSUF. Professor McPhee also plays the guitar for a rock band called somethingthatiforgetatthemoment....

I still have a big fat crush on him. :)

Leesha stomped her Hail-Man creation. I was saddened.

Pre-Leesha Stomping.

Tada! Leesha Hail-Man. I can't believe it hailed enough in Fresno for her to build this!!!!

Behold a hail-covered CSUF campus. Two hours ago it was lush and green with Spring. What is going on?!

Leesha being confused by the sudden storm.

Sometimes I punish my dancers.
lol... Actually, Catie hit a power box on the wall of the studio when she was practicing a jump in my choreography. poor girl.

On my way back into the valley after auditioning in Oregon. I'm going to miss this state.

Lake Shasta

Mt. Shasta

Snow in April. I'm gonna like it here.

Snow in April... foreign to me.

Right after teaching the modern II class for the last portion of my audition, I hopped in my car and started the drive back to Fresno. THIS WAS ONE OF THE BEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE. Had to take a picture in spite of the sweat and yuckiness.
This is the right school for me. :)

Fun art in a field behind my motel.

Apparently these guys have so much school spirit that their mascot walks around campus on a daily basis. I parked my car and looked up to see a giant duck walking by. Saw him three other times around campus that week. This makes me very happy.

The only thing that bothers me about this school is the fact that there is a cemetery right next to my dance studios. hmmm....

waiting to teach class. Trying to breathe evenly.

Upper studio, looking out onto the cemetery.

one of the many studio spaces, view from the observatory. Amazing facilities. Love it!

Future home.

Driving in to Oregon at 6am. Felt like heaven.

I love this bunny! See me loving it?

The Blacks sent me the COOLEST Easter basket!!!!!

I got home from Oregon and found THIS. AWESOME package from Jason, Denise, and the Black boys! SO COOL!!!!!

Happy baby Jason!

Roo caught me making funny faces.
I handed her the camera and she decided that these things were important enough to photograph.

Mommy and brother Jason

more cartoons

the carpet....

Jason playing with Aunt Laura

Toy monkey

Laura blow-fishing Jason

And Jason looking for Daddy

Andrew and Lori-Ann, kissing in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!!

Two old friends. I introduced them and it seems as though there will be wedding bells in the near future... Wohooo!!!