Saturday, April 11, 2009

I realize that I have been dead to the blogger world for some time. Don't feel bad. I have been dead to most of the world for some time. Life does that sometimes. But have no fear. I am back. Much has evolved in all departments of life. Since I do not have time or energy to explain much of it in text, I attempted another video post, obviously unsuccessfully. But fear not, sweet readers. Chin up. I have spruced up the page a bit as a sign of my intentions and am currently working on a picture post that will keep any curious visitors occupied with new material (though I cannot guarantee that it will be any less boring than nothing at all...) for a good chunk of time. That being said, I suppose I should at least announce my current intentions to move to Oregon in December/January. U of O is my top choice. My only choice, actually. I think I'm going to just go for it. Amazing program, great area to settle, similar economy to my current setting, distant enough to be the fresh atmosphere and adventure that I am craving, close enough that I will be able to hitch hike back to Modesto with my tail between my legs should I fail miserably, weather that I have always preferred, and what sounds like a social climate that I will fit quite nicely into.

Of course, this is all contingent upon my graduating in December. And since CSU Fresno has cut one class that I need to graduate from the fall schedule, things aren't looking good. I'm trying to fight it and argue my way into an independent study. Dance History. One wretched class. I was so close.

In the mean time, I am twidling my social thumbs, anxious to get out of here. School and work keep me plenty busy, as usual. 6 weeks left of this semester. Still haven't seen Kelli's new baby yet. Sorry, Jason. Can't wait to see you!!! My body knew exactly when I would have a break and it took the opportunity to obtain and maaaaaiiiiinnnnntaaaaaiiiiiinnnnn strep throat. Thank you immune system. Stupid body. It's so stinkin' smart, it kills me. Anyway, summer's a'coming. I'll be seeing you all in the coming months, I hope.

"I Spy" game coming up next. Namaste.

P.S. Please note the time stamp for this blog and raise your hands to the sky. You KNOW there is a god when Laura is up at this hour. Can I get an "Amen"?

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