Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Scott and I broke up last night. No, I don't want to talk about it. Just wanted to update everyone so I don't get a thousand "How's Scott?"s over the next few weeks. Gotta run.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Very Stiff

No, Not biblically...

My neck hurts. Sore. I'm sitting outside my dance studio (see door on the left in above photo) in the music building at Fresno State. Lovely building, though my sad little webcam doesn't provide any proof of that.

I began writing this post last Tuesday in a rare ten minute break I found. The break was quickly stolen from me, and I had to save and exit blogger. I am just finally getting back to it now. Bleh.


Hi. I felt like I should probably update, since it's been a week. Not much news here. School, work, blah blah. I did get to sit down with Dr. Jenelle Gilbert this week to discuss my future in the Kinesioligy Master's program here. All systems are GO! She says I'm somewhat of an anomoly at this school, as the dance program and Kines program have never really meshed... so I'll have to go through her to approve every single class I take for the next three years. I'm starting to look into loan options, as I will be taking my first student loan out next year. Yikes! Not the time for taking loans out in the Valley... Or anywhere, for that matter. I still don't know if I will be able to graduate next fall (waiting to find out if they will actually offer the last few classes that I need!!!). The waiting game. It's awesome. I just keep praying that it works out. Dr. Gilbert asked if I would be interested in earning a doctorate. Ha! Someday, when I have lots of money (right... lots. Suuuure...) Maybe I'll re-enlist and become Dr. Black! We talked about the possibility of my being a published writer someday, teaching at a university, or branching off into injury prevention.
As long as it deals with movement and pays in US dollars, I don't care.
The Kines MA program here is the very best in the western US, and one of the top in the nation. Amazing facilities and resources, internships as far as the eye can see, and top-notch faculty. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Just two more semesters before I get started! (not including my current semester...) Someday I'll be edumacated.

Last night I rehearsed my pance off. Dance pance. (and by "last night", I mean last monday night, as a week has already passed...)

Back to the present. Sorry if that was confusing. Today is Monday, September 22. I found that I am ahead on my costume shop hours (have to give 90 hours over the semester, and I already have 26). And since I will be working there for three hours later today, I thought I would take a nice break this morning and mend the strap of a favorite leotard that has come undone. Maybe do some laundry. Read a bit. Catch up on homework. Breathe. good things.

My first concert of the semester rapidly approaches. One month... October 18th and 19th. I have been invited to perform in the Central Valley Dance Festival with a group of four other girls from CSUF. Need I mention that I am both thrilled and terrified?! Because I am. Both. Quite. We are dancing to the theme song from the TV show "House". It will be quite awesome. The choreographer is one of my favorite in town, Lindsay Jo Settle, who danced for Martha something at the Dance Studio of Fresno, who was the prized pupil and choreographic student of Mia Michaels, current ridiculously popular Modern dance choreographer for the TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance". Mia Michaels' style trickled down through the floor boards and soaked into Lindsay Jo's bed at some point, affecting her dreams at night. At least, that's what I like to think. Either way, they are Modern crowd-pleasers, which are typically rare. I'm looking forward to the experience, but it does mean limited rehearsal time and stepping up to dance alongside the finest in the valley. My knees are shaking.

My schedule as of late is the same. Last Monday was a bit odd, though. I worked in the costume shop from 8-12, ran some errands (no class, as the theatre arts department had a faculty retreat all day), met with Dr. Gilbert at 2, went back to the costume shop from 2:30-5PM, grabbed a salad with Scott (the only day in the week that I have an hour break and get to see him when I'm not completely wiped out), and ran back to my studio to dance from 6-10:30PM. That was a nice, easy day.

Scott and I don't get to see eachother much. When we do, we usually fall asleep. He is ever patient with me, waiting all day for me to have a moment to spend with him. By the time I'm available, I'm nearly dead. We have to wait for the weekends. The man lives across the street from me and I never see him. :( But he does have his fishies to occupy his time. :) Check out his blog.

Well, that's the news from Lake Wobegone...
Where Scott is strong, Laura is good-looking, and all my nieces and nephews are above average.
I hope you're all well. Miss and love you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

One year ago today, Nathan Scott Green too me on our first date. We went to the Madera Fair, which proved to be the best date ever. Since then, we have enjoyed a year-long series of fun-filled dates. Scott has become my best friend and favorite companion. He is my hero. An upstanding RM, a great listener, funny, sweet, a complete gentleman, smart as they come, and the most handsome man in the world! He is gentle, kind, and wildly talented, but too humble to ever say it. Scott is an excellent pilot, a creative builder, and a careful researcher. He is calculated and careful, but still has that great sense of spontinaity. One who loves all things of the outdoors (despite outrageous allergies) and is so passionate about all that he does, he is the love of my life. He has a calming presence to counter mine, and a goofy sense of humor to match mine. The man can also dance (though he will deny it to no end), and is my new favorite dance partner. I love him to itty bitty pieces! Happy anniversary, Scooty!

Yep. He is super cute.
Best. Year. Ever.
Looking forward to the next.
Love you, Scott.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two weeks of school have passed. I am already fed up with it. Work and school are not condusive with one another. I am fully enjoying this much needed break today. I get up at seven, go to school to put in lab hours (eight per week, minimum) at the costume or scene shop (a big stupid waste of my time for a theatre arts requirement). Ok, so the experience is good, but it just takes so much TIME!!!! The one thing I do not have readily available in my life. 90 hours over the course of one semester. Bleh. So I work in the shop, then run to ballet for two hours, then modern for two hours, then I RUN across campus to my condo, hop in my car and drive to work. Oh work. I won't even get into that here. I work for eight hours (no breaks in my job. we sign a waiver), close up shop at ten (if I'm lucky and don't have to stay late for any aircraft), and head home. Once home, I try to shower, do a bit of homework, and say hello to my boyfriend down the road (our one year anniversary is tomorrow). We read scriptures and then I head off to bed, hopefully by midnight or 1 AM. Wake up at seven on Tues/Thurs, work in the shop, go to theatre craft (which is the class in which I learn HOW to work in the shop), work in the shop some more (unless they let me go do homework), run to choreography class, RUN to my car, go to work. Nightly routine. Sleep. Do it again. Thankfully, I have Sundays off this semester. HALLELUIA!!!! Mondays are the longest. I'm off work, but I have rehearsals all night. I work in the shop till ten, go to ballet, modern, go back to the shop for three more hours, then go to University Dance Theatre class (production class) and choreograph and rehearse for three hours after an hour of warm-up and production business. Saturday mornings will be spent catching up on Gerontology homework (a class I thought would be fascinating but is proving rather dull and taxing...) and then I work saturday nights. Thank goodness for Sundays.

Then there is the rest of life to worry about. I have cavities to fill, root canals to endure, bills to pay, no time to set extra appointments, trying to plan everything months or years in advance, figuring out next fall's schedule, will I be able to get a loan for grad school, how many kinesiology courses must I take prior to entering the program, lose weight eternally, save for that car, pay for school, am I getting married next year and how will that affect my plans for school, my boss hates me and I don't know how much longer I can put up with that, when did I become an adult, can't I be five years old again, is everything going to be ok or will I fall apart half way through the semester, maybe I can't do this afterall, I'm so tired. I need a good cry. I'm not really sad. I'm scared. And I need a good, hefty, long, unreasonable cry. Somebody poke me with a pin or something. Let's get it started so I can get it out and move on.