Friday, May 30, 2008

Today, while lounging about at the Haight's home, Karly displayed her natural ability to take charge. The girl may be one of my best friends, but she sure won't let that get in the way of standard procedure.

Kelli was at the table working on her laptop. Adam, Karly, and Scott were all sitting at the counter bar eating lunch. I was enjoying the view in the fish tank, commenting on activity therein, when I noted "That big yellow fish is a real brat!" There was a moment of natural silence. Karly, clearly having thought this through, leaned back in her tall bar chair and said "Laura..."

"Yes?", I replied.

"In our family, it is not ok to say "Brat", she explained in a matter-of-fact way.

All of us struggled to supress giggles, and as we did, I squeaked out a little "I'm sorry, Karly".

More silence and supressed gigges, and then, with every ounce of attitude in her little body, Karly quietly yet directly stated...

"You should be sorry."

Breathless laughter broke out in all of us. She may be only four years old and the only person under the age of 25 in the room, but that will never stop Karly from saying what she thinks.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Thought I'd fill you in on some of my collegiate adventures. Gloria, Ashley, and myself after a dance concert.
Santa Cruz Boardwalk beach with some friends from dance.
Yep. I've spent most of my college life hanging upside down.
Ah yes, the yellow orange hair. Lovely. Note the difference between my roots and the dye. What a wonderful time I had growing it back.
suuuunnn buuuuurrrrnnnn from a beach trip. Laura, it's called SPF. Try it.

American College Dance Festival in Sacramento, 2005. Pool at our hotel. Me, Ellie, Gloria. We are mermaids.
Sour faces after a dance concert.

Mommy's artwork. She's so sweet. Made this for me my senior year of high school.
Am I on the beach or the moon?
Last picture I took of my brief life in Tooele. Great place. Great family. Great Friends. Great Sunsets.
American College Dance Festival in Pacifica, 2007
Natural pool by Santa Cruz boardwalk.
Housewarming party, January 2007
I now collect these.
Feet + Sand = glorious
Feet + Lillypads = ew
Ellie loved me despite my peter pan haircut. College students' bodies taken over by aliens.
Mom and Dad came to Fresno to visit me and the Haights.
My foot has a halo at yet another beach.
This as just hilarious, and needed to be documented. I'm sure I'll think less of it when I grow up.
Found this shop on the promenade Strip in Santa Monica.
At co-worker Amanda's birthday party.
A huge dive into a natural pool in Yosemite's hidden progressive waterfalls.
Don't be fooled by the sidewaysiness of this photos. I'm a tough biker chick getting ready to ride with my friend.
More upside-downiness in college.
And the boardwalk again.
Cave of super fantastic mystery. My friend, Ellie, is in the background trying to find me.
Remember that sunburn picture? Yeah. This was the cause.
A friendly bear at Six Flags
Oh naval, naval.
These two girls are some of my best friends.
Bugs and I are BFFs.
Yellow-orange hair right after it happened. wow...
Fresno City Touring Ensemble, 2004-5
More beach fun and sun-burning.

Beach hair! I really love it here.
Strike a pose! My roommates and I gear up for a night of complete silliness.
My first day back to dance after a 9-month hiatus due to a dislocated rib.
Dance for Life photoshoot, 2006. Downtown Fresno in the amazing art allies.
My dancers in "Prove it!", 2006
Twisting and shouting on another night of silliness with roommates, 2007
Late night rehearsals with Miss Beth, 2006
Photoshoot again
More dancer friends backstage. Yes mom, that is Julie Holcomb to the left of me. I saw her Sunday in Scott's ward, back from her mission!
Getting pumped to dance!
More from photoshoot.
Choreographer's headshot, 2006
He's pointing, but I don't see anything.
Beth Megill's "A Love Story", Comedic dance. I'm in the center of the trio. I was the soloist in this piece. WAY cute. Took it to San Fran's American College Dance Festival the next year. Great reviews.
Promo shot for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" at Davis High School, 2001. Man, I look young! (Playing Lucy)
Ballet teacher Stephanie Powell inspires me to rise above all obstacles. I know this is tiny, but we were taking a belly dancing class at America College Dance Festival in Sacramento, 2006. I'm in the center in Red.
haha. I defy sunburns and dance anyway. "A Love Story" By Miss Beth Megill, Set to three songs by Patsy Kline. Dancers get jitters backstage at merican College Dance Festival, San Fran.
Stephanie Powell's first piece set on Fresno Dancers in 2004. I am far left in back.
Choreographer's headshot, 2005.
I've had a great time here in Fresno over the past few years. My interest in dance has shifted slightly from teaching performance to teaching body work. Body/Mind Centering is a huge and quickly developing field. My dream is to one day attend the Body/Mind centering school in Boston, MA, led by Bonnie Cohen. My current professor is one of her original students. The work is refreshing, something like meditation with an emphasis on body-rejuvenation and healing. Holistic health is becoming more and more of an interest of mine. Blah blah, the end.