Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I apologize for the delay of many promised posts (picture story date, six flags, dance photos, latest updates, etc), but I have had an extremely unpleasant week and I've been rather cranky. I think Scott will back me up when I say you should be glad you were not hearing from me this week (poor Scott). I have a wonderfully pleasant and joy-filled life. I enjoy a good amount of laughter and ease in life, and so every once in a while, the powers that be decide to grace me with a bit of hard-core reality. I suppose said 'powers' figured that they were a bit behind, or perhaps I did something to upset them... Maybe they just don't like me these days and want me to be less happy. Whatever the case, his week has subsequently been filled with unpleasantries of all shapes and sizes. I could go into detail, having many... many... many outrageous stories to tell. But I'm still too cranky to type much. Instead, I'll mention that my bad week includes the most inconvenient and painful 'lady time' I have ever had, an unbelievable jury duty, four F-18's almost ruining our ramp and their jets, my boss breaking her foot, the most unbelievable night of work that Corporate Aircraft had seen in ten years, and several tiny inconveniences that I probably only even noticed because I was in such a bad mood to begin with. Ok, I just shared way more detail than I had intended, but whatever.
To sum it up, this is how I'm feeling about the past week:

And this is how I am ready to feel about my next week:

Wish me luck, and I wish you big smiles.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scott and I set out extra early to make it to Valencia before Six Flags opened. We were happily on our way when a fuel truck overturned and spilled all over the grape-vine. Our options were to head back home (when we were nearly there) or take a three hour detour (when we had been driving for two hours already). We decided to face the long drive and enjoy our day anyway. With mom's huge help in guiding us on a detour, we eventually ade it and had a fantastic time! Thanks mom!!!!!!!!!!

What a beautiful drive! ...bleh...

But the park was worth the drive.... This sight is such a thrill if you still have a bit of 'kid' in you!

We can't wait we can't wait we can't wait we can't wait......
aw.... Scott dropped his favorite sunglasses and scratched them. The morning stunk. But......

Then we started on the rides...
lots and lots and lots of rides...

This is gonna be fun!
Tatsu.... that's the beginning of the first climb of the three year old ride. Yes, those passengers are facing us. Down. On the ground. That was once the coolest ride in the world. We will fill you in on the NEW coolest ride in the world later. Tatsu is hot stuff. We took this picture (and most others) while we waited in lines, since cameras are not allowed on rides anymore (because of people like mom, who once gave me a black eye with her camera on "The Edge" at Great America). lol.... Hey, at least my feet weren't severed like that girl in Kentucky. Another kid was decapitated today, just a few hours ago, in fact, at a theme park in Georgia because he jumped a fence, entered a danger zone, and got hit by a train. I'm glad I wasn't s interested in these park accidents before going to six flags this month... I've found a lot of reports lately..... yikes..... Anyway....
Oh wow. We were standing in line for the big wild water rapids when Scott pointed out that the growth we were surrounded by was actually a strawberry patch!!!! How quaint.
Look at the awesomeness of the rides.
Yes, there are lots of pictures of this, the least exciting ride at the park. Hey, it was the only ride that still allowed cameras.
We got a little bored in line and found some interesting ways to entertain ourselves.
cameras help. Makes it easier to laugh at ourselves.
Tatsu making people feel like they can fly.

Dejavu is a pretty awesome ride.
You begin by going up a huge climb straight up, hanging there for a moment, and then dropping into a freefall facing the ground before getting caught in a boomerang effect. AWESOME!!!!!
More Line goofing
And more... Yeah. We're basically really good looking.
The only ride we didn't get to do. The line was insane and we've both done this kind of ride. straight up, straight down. big deal. The coolest thing about this ride is the wait. You enter this cave and walk through a museum of superman junk. Lots of wax figures and memorabelia. Very cool. And then you get kicked out on an exit car that takes a detour past the clouds.
Scott wants to do this someday. Somewhat like bunjee jumping, but you don't jump. We get strapped together and pulled up to those distant bars, suspended from a cable attached to the arc.
And then they let go and send you flying. Yeah, I watched this group of teeny boppers come within a foot of the ground. No thanks. I like being alive.
I just thought you'd like to see up my nose.
also, this is a funny face.
BATMAN the ride!!!!
oooooo...... Scott's super hero side is revealed in the dark!
Yay for Gotham City at Six Flags.
Hey, why is it that I get completely soaked on every ride, even the dry ones....
But when Scott is intentionally placed on the DANGER zone of a bridge in front of a 57 foot wall of water, he gets a damp spot on his shorts?!
THIS is the coolest ride in the entire world!!!! We waited in line for two hours to ride this insane thing! X2. The entire line consisted of plasma screens displaying people getting injured while attempting extreme sports, fueled by Even the wait was insane! When we finally got on the ride, our hearts pounding, we experienced the most unusual ride ever. Frank Sinatra sang "You Made Me Love You" through speakers next to each passenger's ears while we relaxed back in what turned out to be 360 degree rotating seats (that's right. hung from universal joints on the train, each seat rotates completely...... it was insane). We began our first climb and suddenly the pleasant music stopped with a screach, laughter, and then rock music took over while we fell straight down while facing a sky full of stars. "FAAAAAALLLIIIIIIIIIING FROM THE SKY!!!!!!!" rang in our ears and the rest of the ride was indescribable. Definitely not for the faint of heart. The most amazing thrill ride I've ever seen. Just dang cool.
Goliath was HUGE!!!!! Scott stands in front of the "I" of the title at the entrance. The ride had an ENORMOUS drop with an open, old fashioned coaster car. Two per car. Nothing to hold you in but a lap bar. I thought I was going to die. You can see the major drop (tallest in the park) behind the title in the below picture.

We couldn't leave the park without riding a carousel!
Yeehaw! Ride 'em, Cowboy!!!!!

He'd make a good knight.
My horse and I matched.

Yeah, we had a blast. By the end of the day, we were pretty wiped out. Had to pull over a few times to nap. The three hour drive back took six hours. Still, wit was a great birthday spent together. The end.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A few weeks ago, Scott and I ent up to Mile High for one last visit before his best friend, Chase Miller, left for a summer of work in Mammoth and then a Master's of Engineering program at a University in Canada. Below are some samples of a bit of the merriment.
The Newly engaged, Alyssa Nef and Chase Miller

Beautiful skyline, Miller's backyard, 9PM.
Scott was frustrated because he thinks he can't keep his eyes open with a flash.
I think he might be right. :) He's still handsome.

Miller's home at Mile High
Outside their backyard
Scott and I decided to go surfing together.

Scott looks chilly
AH!!! Scott tried to surf.... It didn't work out too well....
I think he's considering trying again. Don't do it, Scotty!!!
Chase proposed to Alyssa the week before. Awwww....
He's doing the Mickey Mouse shimmy!

We had a great time, but Scott's pretty bummed that all of his friends are moving on, getting married, going off to different schools... (except for me). I'll have to try to cheer him up over the summer.