Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Duty Called, I Guess...

I apologize for the delay of many promised posts (picture story date, six flags, dance photos, latest updates, etc), but I have had an extremely unpleasant week and I've been rather cranky. I think Scott will back me up when I say you should be glad you were not hearing from me this week (poor Scott). I have a wonderfully pleasant and joy-filled life. I enjoy a good amount of laughter and ease in life, and so every once in a while, the powers that be decide to grace me with a bit of hard-core reality. I suppose said 'powers' figured that they were a bit behind, or perhaps I did something to upset them... Maybe they just don't like me these days and want me to be less happy. Whatever the case, his week has subsequently been filled with unpleasantries of all shapes and sizes. I could go into detail, having many... many... many outrageous stories to tell. But I'm still too cranky to type much. Instead, I'll mention that my bad week includes the most inconvenient and painful 'lady time' I have ever had, an unbelievable jury duty, four F-18's almost ruining our ramp and their jets, my boss breaking her foot, the most unbelievable night of work that Corporate Aircraft had seen in ten years, and several tiny inconveniences that I probably only even noticed because I was in such a bad mood to begin with. Ok, I just shared way more detail than I had intended, but whatever.
To sum it up, this is how I'm feeling about the past week:

And this is how I am ready to feel about my next week:

Wish me luck, and I wish you big smiles.


Carin said...

Glad to see you posted again. I'd just about written you off for another six months (you know, the time between your first & 2nd posts). This is the only way I keep up with you so blog the good & the bad, sista!! I'm actually curious about the F-18s and the worst night at work---write it all up so I can live vicariously through you. Make you a deal---I'll write about my LONG day yesterday, that I had no intention of writing about to compensate for your pain. I know, that's dumb. Do it anyway! ;)

Kelli said...

Sorry about your week. :(

I love your descriptive pictures, though. That part made me smile.

NLBlack said...

Ditto to the above comments. We are back and I'm due for a phone conversation. What's a good time to call to chat?

Love you bunches,

Carin said...

Duty calls again: post, you non-poster!

What it's like to be me said...

wow I hope you have a better week.
-katie james

Laurabelle said...

...who is katie james?