Monday, July 7, 2008

Sweet Sweat

okokokkok, hi. I know, I'm a slacker. But so is Kelli. That makes it ok, right? lol...
No, I've just been really busy being lazy. This has been a great week, and I will post all about it later. Scott and I are working hard on our picture story blog, and it's coming along quite nicely. It will definitely fill your silly quota for the month. I have lots of pictures to post. Scott took me flying in the big jet, the Gulfstream 450! Soooooooooo fun. Tooks lots of pictures of that. We spent last weekend up in the mountains again to get away from the smokey CA valley. It's awful out here. But we are making so much money at work because of the fires (we fuel all the tankers and scouts that dump the flame retardant on the fires). Others' misfortune is our benefit. Very sad, but true. I haven't been working out much this week. No bueno. So I started again today. Got pumped up by reading Carin's "running bum" blog, then went out and had a good workout for two hours. Came home feeling amazing and had a nice long stretch. For your visual enjoyment, here is a less-than-pleasant picture of me all yucky sweaty and stretching. Let's here it for a sloppy "downward-facing dog".

I love going through the "Sun-Salutation Sequence" before and after a workout. Look it up and try it out. Very refreshing. I do a dance-taylored version that gets more into the femur head sockets, but any version is nice. I used to do this followed by cold water misogi (sp?), when you plunge into chilly water in the early AM after meditation and a stretch. I often wish I was more of a morning person so I could have the same desire in the wee hours of the morning to do this that I have later in the day when I have no time. Alas, my bed is still winning the epic struggle between my body and mind. Someday I will conquer this. Hopefully soon.

Well, that's my obligatory post for the day... week.... Yeah. More soon.
"Smile! It makes people wonder what you're up to!"


Carin said...

Good for you Laura! 2 Long workout. So what did you do? Yoga, run, yoga/stretch stuff? or was there other stuff too? Good for you!

K, that was for today. I'll be checking again tomorrow. And no...the fact that Kelli's on blogging vacation does not in any way detract from your blogging slothfulness! (she's got company as an excuse) Get posting sister.

Laurabelle said...

lol.... allright, fine! Gosh! No, yesterday I ran, lifted weights, then did about half an hour of my own kenistetics. I always run for an hour, then roam the gym doing as many various exercizes as I can within another hour. Good stuff. I really should stretch more.

Kelli said...

Thanks for noting my excuse, Carin. The Haights left this morning, but tonight I'm hosting book club. Ya may have to wait another day or two. Sometime this week, I promise!

My Slim in Six thing is on hold right now too as Emma dropped the DVD remote in the toilet this week. We can't scroll down to the right work out. Adam ordered a new remote. Should be here in a few days.

Laurabelle said...

LOL!!!!! Go Emma!!!! Steal mom's attntion back from ever source you can!!!!!!

Wendy said...

Great down dog form. =) I want video of the dancing sun salutation, because now I'm teaching and I make my classes do several of them and they are probably getting bored... or maybe that's just me.