Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Date wtih Scott in early spring. We went o Woodward Park to enjoy the weather.
We sit in the spa quite often, so I have no idea when this was.
Scott's beloved grill. He is definitely the cook. "Not I", said the cat.
Oh yeah. Remember this? I found it online and had to order it. Hilarious!
Scott's baby grow box. He built it and planted it all himself. This was taken about two weeks after it was planted. The plants are all about ten times this size now. It's beginning to overtake his already over-crowded backyard.
No. I do not love mornings. Especially not 5AM. I work 6am-2pm on Saturdays.
My roommate, Lori Champlain, has the profile of a Norman Rockwell Character.
At least I think so. She doesn't see it.
A few weeks ago, Kelli let me and Scott spend the night at her house. Scott had to fly late into the night and early the next day, all from the Hanford airport, so it was easier on our gas tanks to stay. We had a great time with the Haights. My favorite part was when Kelli took me with her and the girls to their weekly playday. This time, the group was going to "The Fountain" in Lemoore. This was our experience.
This area shoots water up randomly through verious holes in the ground at different speeds and in random patterns. SO FUN!!!!!!!!
This little girl (name?) would not leave the water no matter what.
"One is the loneliest number..."

Hey! Where'd it go?!

It was right here! When will it come back?!

OH! Right in the kisser! There it is...

This is what happens when you stand in the middle where the four largest streams combine.

Karly played in the water for a moment, but she grew tired of that after ashort while. She is the one running with the towel hanging from her head.

She opted to play princess barbies off to the side for most of the time we were there.

...But we were able to pull her away from that to pose for a picture. This cracks me up. She heard "picture", ran out and struck her pose!Kelli hung out with the other moms in the shade.

Eventually, Emma was ready to give this thing a try. She eased her way in while the water was hiding.

As soon as the first spray hit her, she decided she might like this.

ok, she LOVED it!

Oh no.... Emma found the big hole in the middle.....

And she got hammered!!!!!!

But she seemed to be ok with it. Big smiles!

"How do you feel about your fountain experience, Emma?"

"Hmmmm....... Yeah, I liked it!"


Carin said...

What's the deal, hiding new posts behind old ones? Cute and fun!!! Karly's wearing Kate's old swimsuit! I thought they wore the same size, but she must be smaller. Thanks!

Kelli said...

Yeah, I'm totally going to be copying and pasting some of your blog into mine. I can't miss having those shots in our family blog book.