Sunday, May 25, 2008

Riddle Me This...

Help help. It's Scott's 27th Birthday in a few weeks (yes, June 13th, best day of the year for both of us!). My dear sweetheart and I will be enjoying our special day at SIX FLAGS!!! Woohooooo! But I need gift ideas. What do I give to the man I love on his 27th birthday? This is a tricky one. Scott has everything, and anything he doesn't have but desires, I cannot afford! The man has expensive hobbies:
Flying, scuba-diving, model-making, radio-controlling aircraft, racket ball, camping, (ANYING AND EVERYTHING outdoorsy, he's an eagle scout), rock climbing, range shooting, computer-anything, underwater photography, collecting the following: baseball cards, rocks & gems, keychains, cookbooks, "Ensign" and "Backpacker" magazines, loose change, illegal (in CA) fireworks and firecrackers, wedding invitations and special occasion cards that have been given to him over the years (he has a box full of these).... I'm sure I'm missing several things. Check out his site (link on my page to the right) and see if you encounter more inspiration on the matter than I have.
Email me @ with your thoughts.
Do it. I command it. Now. Go. Hurry. Faster. Giddy up.
And thank you.

Also, comments on the fact that, on this same day, I will be transitioning from "single white female" to "menace to society" are strictly prohibited on this site. I am only a quarter of a century old. That's still way younger than all you old farts. ;p
(I just lost all my birthday gift privilages, didn't I...?)


NLBlack said...

Email is on the way!!!!!!

I've had your gift for MONTHS. I'll be mailing it next week. Hehhhehheeee......