Thursday, November 6, 2008

This morning I had several dance rehearsals. At about 9am, I found myself alone in the studio between rehearsals for an hour. Hmmm... Go home for fifteen minutes? Or stay and play with my camera to help me choreograph? I obviously chose the latter. This is so cheesey, I know. But it was fun... Some of these photos present me with only one leg. This I like. Maybe I will chop my right leg off before the show....

Behold the one-legged Laurabelle!

Upstairs at Corporate Aircraft is a flight school called Mazzei's Flying Service. This well-known school has contracts with both Air China and India Airlines. As such, students are sent to Fresno from across the world to spend a year or two learning to fly. Being the girl who received all fuel requests, directs the line techs, and either allows or refuses access to the ramp and to aircraft, the students see me on a dialy basis. Because I work at night, I have had the privilage of getting to know these students well over the quiet hours. I became very good friends with one of these students by chance, and since then have been privy to several wonderful international friendships with students from all across the Middle East, China, Jamaica, and the UK. Until about three months ago, they mostly knew me as "The nice CSR who doesn't drink". I have recently established a Facebook account, and have been able to keep in touch with all of these students, whever they are.
This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Tejeshwar Sighn, or "Pebbles" as he is referred to at home. Pebbles was my first friend at Corporate Aircraft, whose conversation spared me many hours of boredom on slow nights. Tej has recently completed his Intrument rating for twin engine aircraft, and has returned to New Dehli to train on the Airbus. He and I enjoyed many nights of Thai food, Chipotle, movies, and talk of adventuring through the world. If I ever ditch town and go backpacking across Europe, you can bet I'm with this guy. He is one of my favorite people and I miss him like crazy! Hopefully he will be returning to CA soon to fly a King Air 300, and when he does, we plan to go sky diving!
Tejeshwar returned to India in the middle of his training once last year for a celebration of Dwahli. While at home, he purchased a special painting for me. It is a godess whose name I will not try to spell.... She is handpainted on a hand made paper, and if you hang her over your door, it is said that she will bring you luck and keep you from harm. It is a beautiful paining, and such a sweet gift. Thank you, Pebbles!
These pictures were taken on Pebbles' last night in Fresno. It was a very sad goodbye, but we hope to see eachother again soon. Miss you, Pebbles!!!!
(the dates on the photos are WRONG! These were taken about two weeks ago.)

This has nothing to do with anything.

I just found it and thought I looked like Carin in it, which I like. Tada.

The End.


NLBlack said...

Tej looks like a friend of mine here in Modesto...Rishi. Backpack through Europe all you want, but please....don't tell me you are going skydiving till you have already done it. I need my sleep!

Oh, and I love the white-scarf photos! The dance photos were interesting, but I prefer you with two legs. ;-)

The Wibergs said...

That is a really good picture of you! I wish I looked like that. You're much cuter than me, so I'm not getting why you'd like the idea of resembling me. (yikes!)
Unless, you like the frumpy housewife bit I'm pulling these days. :)

See you next week!!!! :)

Laurabelle said...

I can't believe I get to see you next week! I am so thrilled! Also, you're the cutest!!!!

The VerNooy's said...

I agree with what your mom said! ( I think it was your mom anyway.) Tell me you went skydiving after the fact...not before. Really cute pictures though. :)

Wendy said...

Dancing is fun. I wish I weren't such an introvert. I might actually try it sometime.