Thursday, December 18, 2008

Darn Skippy

I'm so done, turn me over. My semester is complete! I didn't do as well as I would have liked, but I'm ok with that. I took a C in my lab class in which I am required to give 90 hours of scene and costume shop service in order to earn an A. I put in 75 hours. I'll take the C and be satisfied that I'm still alive and relatively happy. Here are the projects I created in the lecture portion of that lab class. In the scene shop, I designed and sewed this dance bag:
Which happens to be reversable:

You may not be able to tell, but it is green with blue pockets on the outside and blue with green pockets on the inside. Totally washable, reversable, and perfect for all my dance junk. Yay me.

Don't be surprised if these start outselling Adidas bags. Oh yeah, baby.

This is the piece I am most proud of. In the scene shop, I was required to build, design, and paint a miniature flat (what would essentially be the background or wall panels of an actual theatrical set). Mine is 2' x 3 1/2 ' and is happily hanging in a wonderful crooked manner (that would make my mother cringe and develop a slight tick under one eye) on my blue kitchen wall. Don't be too impressed. I didn't design the image. I stole it, as the assignment required. But I messed with it. The background of the original was just blank white. I mixed all sorts of colors and tested different techniques until I came up with this blended sunset-ish background. I messed with the clouds a bit, too. I love this image. I think I'll keep it around for a while.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your hard work. You made it. :) Enjoy your well-earned vacation.

Kelli said...

Yay! Come play with me! I miss you. And I'm thinking besides me, you're the only other person around who likes to hybernate and do a puzzle on a winter evening. And since you won't be here for Christmas eve, you ought to come over so we can both get our fill of it! What are you doing this weekend? Coming to my house, right?!?

NLBlack said...

Yippppppeeeeee for no school for one month!! The bag is great and the miniature flat is, too.....but PLEASE make it straight!!!!! It's making me nuts knowing the current condition! I love the colors of both.