Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New-ish Year

Happy New Year and all that jazz. I don't have much to say but couldn't stand the sight of a Christmas post at the top of my blog any longer. Consider this me taking down Christmas decorations.

School starts in ten days. I am not ready. This will be the most difficult semester of my life thus far, and I am very afraid of failure. 22 units, half of which are subjects I am completely unfamiliar with (kines prelim courses), and if I do not do well, not only will I further delay graduation, but I will ruin my chances of getting into the Kines MA program. I am also taking the advanced modern and ballet courses (they rotate semesters, so while I am always in the most advanced class of the semester, this is only the second time I've taken the highest levels offered at the university) as well as a Contemporary Dance course that will supposedly replace one of my pilates requirements, as that course will not be offered again before I plan to graduate. So Contemp dance should be a big challenge. Modern Ballet. Awesome. I'm taking Modern, Ballet, and ModernBallet. Another Gerontology course for an upper division requirement, no room for performance this year (which, if you know me, bums me out!) and the second half of a lighting design class the first half of which I did not take. Again, I need this course to fulfill a requirement for a class that will not be offered again before I graduate. Budget cuts are KILLING me. I have ordered the book for the first lighting course and am expecting it to arrive any day now. I hope it does soon because I have to catch up on an entire semester of reading in ten days.

I spent the weekend cleaning out my apartment (which is STILL empty! Where are all my roommates?!) and I have been considering moving a little closer to school. Don't laugh. I like to fall out of bed and step right into my studio. It's a 15-20 minute walk from my place to anywhere on the near side of campus, and when one is taking 22 units and working full time, one needs to cut out all unnecessary travel time. There are some great little studio apartments right next to my studio. Maybe I could check those out. I have also considered getting a bike. THAT'S what I should have asked for this Christmas! Dang it! I never know what to ask for until afterwards. All I needed was a bike. "Gift cards" I said. Nice, Laura. Although, the gifts I received from my family were wonderful. By the way Carin and Kelli, thank you so much for those beautiful depictions of the Savior. They are so lovely.

New year's resolutions, anyone?
I have a long list. They include steps to graduation, veganism, complaining less, smiling more, gratitude, saving, building my credit score, changing old habits, and worrying less about unimportant things.

Maybe I should just stick to one. Nah. That's no fun.

Tell me YOUR resolutions.


The VerNooy's said...

Lol. Your so cute. My resolution this year is to loose 60 pounds this year. That works out to a little over a pound per week. Wish me luck! And good luck with your insane semester! Love ya!!!

NLBlack said...

That is one crazy semester and you will be exhausted. However, I am certain that you can make it happen if it is what you want. We'll have to have a big celebration at the end when you get your life back!

A bike would have been a great idea! Perhaps the birthday fairy will get one for you next June.

Kelli said...

I totally need to take down the Christmas decorations on my Blog. Thanks for reminding me. Christmas stuff up in January is tacky. :)