Sunday, February 8, 2009

Modesto Means Business.

Clearly, the commercials were right.

A few weeks back, I discovered to my dismay that Scott has a new, very serious girlfriend. Filled with a mixture of anger, sadness, and that I'm-going-to-puke-if-I-don't-get-a-change-of-scenery-soon feeling, I called mom in frustration and she invited to come home for a weekend! Miraculously, I had the weekend off! So I packed a few things and got my rear out of Fresno for a few days. The affect was similar to my recent pismo trip. The further I traveled from Fresno, the more relieved, less stressed, and just darn better in general I felt. I am so ready to leave this hell hole. Fresno has been a growing place for me. I will remember it with bitter-sweet feelings, but will happily never return once I leave.
I spent a few glorious days in my home town soaking in the changes, chatting with my parents, cuddling up to my daddy while we watched cartoons (oh, the memories. I MISS my daddy!), laughing with my mom (possibly the greatest mother of all time), visiting friends, and enjoying my time off. Modesto smells so sweetly familiar. I don't know what sweat factory positioned on the edge of Fresno is running 24/7 to produce that noxious stench that transcends any verbal attempt to describe the city, but Modesto is pleasantly void of such a factory and, therefore, stank. It is pleasantly ten degrees cooler in Modesto, with a lovely, gentle breeze from the Altamont Pass. Even with the wipe-out of all my beloved orchards and the ridiculous amount of development in Northern Modesto, the town remains inexplicably small and peaceful. At least in my mind.
What a great town to grow up in! I so enjoyed driving through town, reflecting on my billions of childhood memories on every tiny street. I hardly recognized the city at first. But it is still my home. If ever I need to "go back" someplace, that is the town I will turn to.
At the end of my trip, mom and dad graciously opened their home to my friends (those that remain in Modesto, anyway), and we enjoyed a silly game night together. Awesome people. I was so giddy to be spending time with them that I could hardly pay attention to any one subject, game, or person for more than a few moments at a time. I love these people. Here are a few pictures of my weekend home.

Me and Lori-Ann Ames. What a doll she is!

LAURA AND LAURA!!!!! My life-long bosom friend. On this trip, I discovered that Laura Anne's taste in music has progressed exactly as mine has these past 6 years! Go figure. I will always love this woman who never ceases to make me laugh, think, and explore life. Laura is the best of the best.

Paige Heiserman. Long time Girl's Camp buddy and, as it turns out, fellow dancer and violinist! This girl has all the makings of a life-long best friend. So much happiness, beauty, and creativity in her. I love her to itty bitty pieces.

Ben Hopp. Happy to have him as a new friend! He even puts up with my ridiculous ADD behavior while game-playing. What a guy!

MARIAL RISKIN!!! This woman's glory cannot be described in words. I love her dearly.

Melissa Martinez. Good grief, there is some history there. I owe Melissa a huge debt for the better part of my childhood lessons. She is one of my oldest friends and has taught me a great deal about friendship. And what an imagination!


Aren't they funny? Look how cute they are! I have very cute friends. Probably because I'm so cute. Birds of a feather... hehe.

Check out Marial! Even SHE says she looks super fly in this picture. Whatever "super fly" means...

Laura and Lori-Ann being super cute.

Again. So cute.

Ah, game time. And whose hair is that?! It looks like a giant hairy spider!

Ben Wins.

My old play pen. Couldn't get up that stupid step 'til I was a year old or something ridiculous like that. So much for my intelligence! haha!

Mom took me to a thrift shop while we waited for our Chinese food (yes, I TOTALLY broke my meat and dairy free diet that weekend!). Once we realized how many funky hats this store had, it was only a matter of time before we busted out my camera and started making faces. My mom is the best!

My mother, the relief society president....

Also, let it be known that Mom KICKED DAD'S BUTT at Chinese Checkers that weekend. For the first time in their marraige. NICE JOB, MOM!

Daddy claims she cheated. Whatever, daddy. I saw it. She kicked both our tails!


Andrew Fretwell said...

I am so glad your trip went so well for you. I'm grinning like an idiot at how happy you sound. And the hat pictures are fabulous!!! :) Keep on smiling, Laura.

NLBlack said...

Ahhhhhghghghghghghh!!! The pictures!!! Nobody look!


Wendy said...

I'm pretty sure I love that thrift shop!

I miss Modesto sometimes, but then when I see it, it's not the same and doesn't feel like home at all anymore. Very sad.