Monday, May 19, 2008


our big, beautiful closet, only half of which is visable. The cool thing is that there are STAIRS in this closet. Big, carpeted stairs leading up to the attic. It's awesome. Perfect for Little Lori, who stands at less than FIVE FEET TALL. She gets that side of the closet so that she can clibm the stairs to reach her things. If you look at the bottom left side of the closet, you can see the first step. They are HUGE stairs, and I think there are four. I'm too lazy to go look. The point is, there is enough room for all of our things and then some. We love it.

how quaint.

an organized shower is a happy shower.

Courtney's garden
Look, Jesus is awaiting your ascent.
I've never even been in this bathroom. Mine is in my room.

This one is to the left of the top of the stairs.
Down the stairs or into my room?
Little Lori's bed. Look at the SPACE!!!!
laundry and yet another bathroom.
KITCHEN! Yes, it is very blue. And I love it.
Again, note the spaciousness thereof.
Scott demonstrates how one may dance about in the space available in our rather large kitchen (considering the average size of apartment kitchens).
Sunny backyard... or patio thing... whatever, it's more of a backyard than I've had in years!

Scott adds to the delightful look of my apartment when he is present.
See? Imagine this livingroom without his handsome self within. Not quite as grand, eh?
Again, enjoy the Scottiness. And the bay window. I should put a Scott in the bay window. That would just make this condo glow!
This angle is not great. It lacks a certain Scottish effect.
View from living room into dining room. "Ooo, aahh, we appreciate it".


Carin said...

Cute place. I'm glad you're so happy there. It's nice to have a little extra room!

NLBlack said...

Very nice! What is that furry big thing on your bed?

Carin said...

That's not Laura's bed. It's her roommate's. I thought it was hers too until she added the captions.

Kelli said...

You crack me up. I like the blue too. Hmmm....