Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Torro Torro Torro!

A few pictures from my work. Thought it would be fun to share. I shouldn't post too much, and I'm not allowed to show any aircraft Tail Numbers for security purposes, but I thought I'd give you a taste of what I get to do.

Out my window at work. Fuel truck gettin ready to do what they do.Navajo at dawn on our ramp.
A King Air behind a Turbo Commander. See my car?
Our customers' beloved coffee station.
A Citation II prepares to taxi outside my door.
several small tomohawks parked in the flight school's section of our ramp.
my desk is to the left. This is what our customers see when they walk in off a jet.
And this is what they see when they come in from the parking lot.

It's noisey here. Lots of jets about 200 feet away. This picture was taken a year ago, when I was new and before we had our remodel.
this too.
Inside our front desk area. I sit on the right by the phone and all the radios.
My boss, Emily, sits here.
The tour is now complete. Come visit me at work sometime. It's super neat.

I just can't post it all online.

More posts coming soon.


Carin said...

This is from Wade:
You sure do take alot of pictures of yourself. Got a little narsissism going on there?

From Carin:
Don't mind him. Keep doing it. It's the only way I get to see you.

Andrew Fretwell said...

The place looks so much better for the remodeling. Truly.