Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am SO not a jet-setter.

Scott sometimes gets to "right-seat" a Gulfstream IV when his boss needs him. The Gulfstream is one of the largest and most luxurious corporate jets in the industry. Very new and very high class, I'm afraid to even breath on this plane when I greet them on our ramp at work. Two weeks ago, Scott and I were in the mountains, once again enjoyingthe weather at Mile High, when his boss called him in. We drove down the mountain to the hangar, hopped in a Hertz rental car, and drove dow to Long Beach to pick up this jet from the maintenance center. I got to tag along. I played "modern princess" for about an hour. This was my experience.

This jet takes two pilots at all times. I was, therefore, the only passenger on it. Yes, I felt pretty special.

40-50 million dollar jet. Good. Grief.
Other gulfstreams lined up on the ramp.
Yes, that is a bed. There are two on board. All the chairs convert somehow. There are hook-ups for playstations, laptops, cell phones, etc. I felt extremely out of place on this thing...
control panel. holy moly.

Yep. Personal TVs for every passenger. When it is not playing your preferred programs, it plays the local weather, your flight plan, flight time, speed, altitude, remaining flight time, etc... And it does it all with pleasant little pictures! Fun. It also allows you to toggle between cameras located on the tail (as seen above), the landing gear facing backward, and the nose. You can watch outside as you fly. Amazing.

Yep. California is burning. This is just north of LA, somewhere near Lancaster.
Look at Scott flying.
Beautiful *cough cough* California *couuuuugh gaaaaggghhh, coouugh ehhhuhehuuu.....*
Ooooo, that's a little better. Still smokey, but better.
This is the Lavatory... The entire area closes off and becomes a private bathroom, then folds back up into a closet. Way to save space. I should have that at home.

Don't hate me because I'm fancy. LOL!!!!

It was a neato ride, but I am now certain that I will never own anything so fancy. I felt so wasteful just being on that thing. Fun, though. Scott has the coolest job on earth.


Carin said...

Way fun! That CA air looks horrible! I was driving on the freeway here yesterday, just going downtown to the big library there, and noticed the sign with lights that notifies people of traffic congestion, was all lit up saying "Bad air quality. Don't drive if you don't have to." And we don't even have wildfires to blame. It's nasty here this week!

Kelli said...

Fancy. Looks like it'd be a fun ride if you could relax enough to enjoy it.

Yeah. Air is gross. I don't remember it ever being like this when I was a teenager. Yuck. Even after the smoke has pretty much cleared. Yuck.