Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decided to stay awake.

Eight things I am passionate about
1) Gospel
2) Scott
3) Dancing/movement/learning about the miraculous human body
4) Spending time with the Haights
5) Earning my BA and MA
6) Pieces of writing that I can be proud of
7) Working towards a temple marraige
8) Music

Eight Books I've read
1) Book of Mormon
2) Blood Memory, autobiography of Martha Graham (fantastic artistic views and expressions)
3) The History of Love by Nicole Krauss (if you're an artsy fartsy type like me, you'll love this)
4) All Harry Potter books
5) Miracle of Forgiveness
6) Believing Christ
7) How to be Totally Miserable (Short but very, very sweet, and one of the best books I've ever read)
8) All of Theadore Suess Geisel's "Dr. Suess" Collection. Some of the best books on the planet, in my opinion (and I am one to appreciate good writing. Still...) I won't argue that here, though.
Currently reading No One Can Take Your Place by Sheri Dew, and a temple prep book mom gave me for my birthday! Thanks mom!

Eight Phrases I say often
1) "Base to Line", "Copy", "Negative", and "A-Firm" (affirmative -I work a lot of aviation radios at work)
2) "Watch your language, please" (I work with 20 ex-sailors).
3) I love you
4) "I'm pretty sure..." (I watch too much of The Office. watching it now, in fact)
5) "Hey, you!" (as a friendly greeting. I was cursed with a terrible memory for names, and I have to memorize dozens of new pilots' names every day. I kind of stink at it. Ironicly, I know almost all of the names -and spellings- of the flight students from India studying upstairs at Mazzei's flight service. Tejeshwar, Ishtdeep, Ravneet, Pooja, Vrushali, Aman, Armol, Samjeet, Navreet, Saket, Zahir, Sarab... yeah. They're unique and stick out in my head.)
6) "Tomorrow, I'm going to get up earlier!" (This only happens if I have plans. Can you guess how often I woke up before nine this summer? If you guessed less than half, you get a gold star.)
7) "You're a mean person". (Just something completely lacking in wit that I say to Scott when he does something sweetly cruel, like tickle or jump out from behind something to scare me)
8) "Oh, this is my favorite song!" I am told I say this about every song I hear.

Eight things I want to do before I die
1) Marry in the temple
2) Have and raise children
3) Earn my MA
4) Learn to fly a plane
5) Leave the country
6) Teach at a University
7) Help Scott build his special something. Or at least be by his side supporting him as he does.
8) Write a book and have it published.

Eight things I have learned over the past year
1) I love having a fresh diet of fruits and veggies, and I LOVE to exercise. (so why do I continue to gain weight?!)
2) I am just like my mother.
3) Love isn't just for "everyone else".
4) I might actually be able to see the INSIDE of a temple again someday.
5) Just because I'm 25 and taking a bit longer, doesn't mean I'm being left behind or that I'm not accomplishing anything.
6) My once mean big sister can be both my hero and my best friend
7) Some Boys like Anne of Green Gables too.
8) Pick your battles and let it go.

Eight places I want to see
1) My office and studio as a college professor.
2) Sealing room of the Oakland temple.
3) Prince Edward Islands
4) Ireland
5) Hawaii beaches (snorkeling)
6) The earth from a hot air balloon
7) "Where they make balloons" (See TMBG's "NO!")
8) Bamboo forest in China

Eight things I currently want or need
1) A new car the runs on something clean and renewable, like fingernail clippings. We will probably never run out of fingernail clippings, and as a young child I was very concerned that, if I continued to clip my fingernails regularly, everyone in the world would be swimming in them by the time I was eighteen, which, incidentally, I was a day I was CONVINCED I would not live to see). Do you think the atmosphere could survive pollution in the form of little bits of human?
2) Babies
3) Money for school
4) More time in my day to squeeze in more classes while still working full time in order to graduate before next Christmas!
5) Q-tips. I'm a bit obsessive about cleaning my ears out.
6) Not to have to go to work in two hours. I just left that place a few hours ago.
7) A blessing
8) to lose twenty pounds

Eight people I want to tag
1) Scott
2) Helena
3) Annette
4) Natalie
5) Judy
6) Troop 461... (I'm running out of untagged friends on here...)
7) Lori
8) Denise
Anybody else who wants to do it.


Brian, Helena & Eli said...

Yikes, you were up late. Loved reading about you. You sound pretty ready for Scott to move...forward with things. Sounds like you still listen to TMBG. I always think of you and our crazy rides to seminary when I hear them.

Kelli said...

Ahhh... and I'm sorry for ever being mean.

The VerNooy's said...

Lol, okay, I know this is forever after you posted it, but I am going to comment on it anyway. I think you are doing the best thing in striving for a temple marriage. It's so awesome knowing you'll be sealed to that special someone forever. You'll get there. Each of us have to do things in the Lord's time, not our own time. He is the one that has the master plan for us. Secondly, if you ever need qtips, we got plenty. We tend to buy things only in bolk. :) Just ask, and we can bring you a baggie full of some.

Andrew Fretwell said...

I want my gold star.