Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have three darling nieces. One of these nieces is named Karly. I call her Roo, which is short for her middle name. Well, as short as you can make an already single-syllable name... She is hilarious, and one of my favorite people on earth. Whenever possible, I go to her town to visit. Last weekend, Roo finished a long list of chores and earned a special date night. So I came over, we fixed up some snacks (Roo even wanted sliced veggies! Good choice, Roo!), took my laptop and some sleeping bags to the second floor of the playhouse that King Daddy built by hand for his daughters (Nice job, King Daddy!!!), and settled in for a night of fun. Once settled in, I asked Roo what she wanted to do first. We had books to read and lots of movies to watch. I asked if we could take a picture so that I could blog about our date. ""YEAH!"
Roo is dangling her feet off the edge of the second floor. Below her is the sandbox on the first floor. "Do you think I could jump down there, Laura?" "I don't think you should do that right now, Roo." "Oh."

Many a playtime spent here.

Soon, Roo was getting really into the camera thing. "I know, Laura! I'll do one and then you do it!".

I had to laugh when she visably ran out of ideas for pictures, settled for a moment, and asked "Now what?"
So we proceeded to make shadow puppets.

This is Roo's favorite shadow puppet. It's a monster.
After that, we read a book, watched The Game Plan, A Charlie Brown Movie, and the Swan Princess. At 1:30AM, she was STILL AWAKE! I was certain she would have zonked out by ten. Yeah, no. She started asking what would happen if we went inside to sleep. Turns out she was a little scared of the dark. She kept saying that her bed was more comfy. I gave in and we went inside to sleep on her big, comfy bed. The next day, we went to see "Wall-e" at the movie theatre. Then we went shopping at the mall and bought a Walle book and a "Webkinz" pet for each of us. I got a monkey (Mose), Roo got a kitty (Sarah). They are now best friends. We rode the kiddie rides and played in the mall playground. Very fun date. Roo is a great buddy. High five, Roo! Love you.

Me and Mose.


Staley Family said...

Fun Fun Fun. Those girls nights are always a blast.

NLBlack said...

That was so much fun that now I need a date!

Allyson said...

Laura it is Allyson Hajek. YOu are so cute. I have been thinking about the Black family forever and didn't know how to get ahold of any of you, especially Kelli. Please let me know how. my email is thanks love ya