Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Tuppence A Bag"

A few weeks ago, Scott and I had a date at the lakes at Woodward park in Northern Fresno. The area is gorgeous, lush and full of bird life. I knew the evening would be a nice one when we happened upon this elderly couple enjoying the wildlife at the opening of the park.

The birds became friendly just as soon as they realized we had food.

Very friendly.... But not with one another...
Soon we had several new friends of the fowl persuasion.

Uh..... maybe too many....Scott played it cool and acted like he wasn't getting attached, but when we ran out of bread and the birds sought out new enterprises, I caught Scott enduring a moment of loneliness... hehehe!

We had a lovely evening and sustained no bites from the birds. Always good. Also, this rock is apparently ours. Well, not OURS as in mine and Scott's, but ours as in the people of Fresno. It was dedicated to us. Or maybe that was the whole park. But I'd like to think it was just the rock. It's funnier. Either way, it doesn't specify on the rock. It simply says "Dedicated to the residents of Fresno County.... blah blah blah". And I'm pretty sure they meant the rock. It's a nice rock. I appreciate it. I tried to take a picture standing behind it, but there was a black widow. I suppose the rock belongs to the black widow, too, as it resides in this county. I can't complain. I would live behind that rock if I could.


Natalie said...

I used to go there all the time with my grandma. I miss feeding the ducks. My grandma can copy a geese sound like no other!

NLBlack said...

ROCK ON!!!! (hehehehehehehe)