Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lil' Update

Hi. I'm alive. Sorry for all the confusion. But seeing as how I am no longer "scooty's girl", I figured I needed to change my blog address... I completely overlooked the fact that this makes it impossible for any of you to FIND my blog now. Sorry...

School is great, work is good, I'm healthy, happy, I get to dance every day, and all my bills are being paid. What more could I want?

I played my violin for HOURS last night. My boss gave me the night off and instead of doing anything productive, I spent my time enjoying my old passion. I still have great tone, if you can believe it. And by the end of the night, I was playing "Meditation" from "Thais" as if I had never stopped playing! It was so fun. My fingers and neck are sore today from it, though. Silly Laura.

I guess that's it. Conference this weekend. Yay. Sorry to have startled anyone. If you ask me about Scott, I'll ignore you. So don't. Love you all.


NLBlack said...

I've missed you!!! Great about playing the violin. So now, I can't wait for us to jam together a bit.

If you're free for conference, come on up. If not, perhaps we can catch up by phone in between. I have to get your performance dates and see if you want to see "Nutcracker" with Karly and I.

I love your "very stiff" photo below. Beautiful eyes!

Natalie said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for the update on your new blog. I like the header of your feet and hands in the sand. Looks cool!

Love ya