Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bicycles & Wine

Happy Thanksgiving, family and friends. This is the least Thanksgiving-like Thanksgiving I have ever had. I've been quite sick since Sunday. Not wanting to infect mom, dad, a pregnant sister, or several small children, I decided to stay in Fresno for the holiday. I switched shifts at work because I thought I would rather sleep in and get paid to work through the evening than to wake up at 5 am, work a dull morning, and sit around an empty apartment all evening. I was right. However, I am quite hungry. Poor planning and preparation on my part. Didn't bring food. No food here. No place is open. Laura is therefore having her first foodless thanksgiving. There is a vending machine down the hall. I will probably buy a snicker's bar later.

I haven't been this sick in a long time. I have lost 15 pounds! I don't know if that is due to the illness or my heavy workout week during the performance. Either way, none of my pants fit anymore. I'm sure this will remedy itself in a matter of weeks. Kinda hoping it won't, though. I've been feeling quite thin and loving it! I know I'm still a chunky monkey, but I sure do like consistently feeling like a skinny minnie!

My cousin Wendy posted several great videos on her facebook of her family being interviewed during the holidays last year. They asked a number of questions of each person. Over the last few months, I have developed a strong admiration for Wendy and her family. I so enjoyed the videos that I would like to take part in the interview process. Having yet to successfully post a video on this thing, I will simply type out my responses. Mine, however, will be for this past year.

1) What are you thankful for this year?
So many things... I am thankful for my healthy body and mind. I am able to dance and work and learn and make a life for myself. I am so thankful for my chance to be in school DEBT FREE!!!! At least thus far. I am attending an excellent school and learning so much every day. There are so many obstacles for me to struggle past, but they only make me stronger. I am thankful for my professors, for the opportunities I encounter at school, for my many many friends and good associates, and for the energy the Lord allows me to get through each long day! I am thankful for Scott and for the lessons I learned alongside him. I am thankful for this perpetually confusing time in my life, because I know that in future years I will look back and see that the only consistent force in my life was love from a wonderful family both on earth and in heaven. I am thankful for my parents who are ever present in my heart. At the moment, I am especially thankful for a mother who has overcome everything the world has ever tossed at her, and continues to have a grateful heart. I am thankful that I will be able to tell my children stories about my mother's "gratitude journal" and how she influenced my life every day with her powerful love and positive attitude. I'm thankful for my fantastic roommates and wonderful home. And more than anything right now, I am thankful for my new boss!!!!! She is a good person!!!!!

2) What has changed since last year?
Um.... Scott and I broke up. That kinda stinks still. But I'm a senior at CSUF. About to do my preliminary work to get into grad school... YAY! I love to run, for some reason. Never thought I would say that. But I LOVE running. Many of my Indian friends have come and gone. SO much has changed at work, but that's aviation for you. My evil boss was fired and a wonderful woman has taken her place. Glory, hallelujia! I bought my very own new laptop, which has been a lifesaver! I'm finding more and more that my degree is doing everything in its power to make it impossible for me to graduate. But I will succeed yet! My ballet technique has substantially improved. My five year plan has fallen apart, but I am working on creating a new one. I got into rock climbing this summer, and have all my own gear! Never thought I would do that! I live in another condo with new roommates, but that is always changing in my life. :) Aunt Jeanne passed away recently. I had not seen her in a few years, but I miss her greatly. She is a very dear friend and family member, and I don't recall a single day when I did not hear my mom chatting happily with her on the phone in the next room. We love and miss you, Jeanne.

3) What do you predict will change next year?
I predict that I will GRADUATE!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And be accepted into the MA Kinesiology program at CSUF. I predict that I will remain single another year, if not much, much longer. I predict that many things will change for good and bad. There will be tears and laughter and I will maintain my love for this funny little life I lead. Oh, and I will buy a new car!!!!! I'm a big kid now!

4) What is your greatest concern?
My greatest concern is that I will fail.

5) Do you think your ass looks big?
Y'know, it did this past year, but now I think it is becoming quite appropriately sized. :)
Yay for a$$ shrinkage.

6) What else you got?
Really? You should never ask me this question. I can go on at great length....

The only aircraft we have had through here today came around 2pm as I arrived. My Thanksgiving day was made when three small children came running through ahead of their parents and grandparents. The father, close behind, was heavy laden with three disassembled bicycles. The grandfather had his arms full with three large cases of wine. The mother stayed behind to assist the grandmother through the facility. As the women walked, the sweet little grandmother chuckled to herself, smiling after her posterity. She caught me watching her, winked, and said to me "Bicycles and wine, darlin'! That's all we need to make our holidays merry!". With that comment, I felt completely connected to a family and was filled with a little holiday cheer myself. The loneliness faded for a while.

I am especially missing you all this strange, lonely, hungry, quiet, sickly thanksgiving. Here's hoping that I can be with you all soon. Thank you for being my wonderful family. I love you. Namaste.


Natalie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm sorry you don't have any dinner! I wish I could share some of mine with you... :)

NLBlack said...

You are in good company, sweet Laura.... Steve and I are home, sick as can be, and haven't had dinner, either. We've spent our holiday heaving and trying to distract ourselves with boring TV.

Your bicycles and wine story is so true! Only for us it is more like sparkling cider and table games! Oh, how I miss normal Thanksgivings! We'll have to make up for it at Christmas.

*clink* A sparkling-cider toast (vitual, as I still dare not drink anything) to your fantastic year ahead!

The VerNooy's said...

really cute post! I'm sorry your still sick, and alone for the holiday. You really ought to feel better soon! Love ya!
Dean and Tiana VerNooy

Wendy said...

Wow! I feel so honored that you participated in our Thanksgiving tradition!!! It was so great reading all your responses. It makes me want to start a Thanksgiving 5 Questions movement around the world. Creating world peace through 5 questions. Are you seeing it?

I do wish you had it on video though. Maybe next year. This year I cried on the video and forgot so much of what I had planned to say. Not really my best on-screen behavior, but probably the truest.

Did I tell you we added one more element this year? It's a talent portion. I know, fun right! So, what's your talent? Post some photos or something. We had tap dancing, whistling, and the girls and I did yoga-type postures. Someone considered armpit farts, but then decided against it. I think that would have been cool.

Oh, what is a gratitude journal? I like the sound of that.