Friday, November 21, 2008

I Stink of Tiger Balm.

In our show, "PULSE" by University Dance Theatre, there is a piece by the Maddox sisters called "They Weren't There". What a cute little lyrical modern/jazz number this is. The sisters, Jessica, Lindsey, and Malorie Maddox, all look so much alike and have all been dancing for Fresno State through their entire college careers. I love to watch them negotiating costumes, makeup, and movement specifications backstage prior to their number. They follow my solo in the first half of the show, so I get to spend preparation time with them in the wings before we go on. The girls get along so well in public. But catch them in a private moment like that - swapping bras, tights, or clarifying movement at the last second - and you get an entirely different picture.

Suddenly it becomes a tiny, silent cat fight (can't have noisey cats in the wings during a performance!). Upon interviewing the girls about their relationships and how it has affected their dancing together, they made it clear that it has been much easier with all three sisters present (the eldest girl was a guest artist, as she graduated last year. Usually there are only two Maddox girls in the program at a time) because if they have a disagreement, it is easily solved by a majority vote. As I watched, I saw lots of bossing the youngest around. Maybe I'm biased ;P
The relationships reminded me greatly of mine with my wonderful sisters. The Maddox girls had their little bickery moments, but the two older girls were obviously very close friends, and the youngest was eager to please the other two. Each is so different, but all agreed on fundamental movement style and timing. Watching them made me miss my sisters so much.

After watching their piece a few times, I began to daydream about choreographing a funny little dance show with Roo and putting it on for the fam at Christmas. Then I began to miss Roo, too! And Emma and Kaitlyn and Chance and Brandon and Kelli's Jason-belly, and... well I don't know how one goes about missing nephews she doesn't really know, but believe me, I miss the next generation of Blacks too! I miss my whole family! I always get a little blue at the holidays. Probably ever since the magic was lost for me a few years back. I enjoy it much more now with Karly Roo and Emma around, but it's not like it used to be. I feel so lonely, and guilty for feeling so, what with my family all around.

These feelings are exacerbated by my roommate's constant playing of Christmas music.... for the last month.... it's not even thanksgiving yet....

It's like my old boss used to say at Office Depot every November: "Christmas?! It's almost EASTER!"

Miss you guys. Can't wait to see everyone next week!

Oh, I saw Scott today. A group of people went out for sushi the other night, and I saw him there, too. We don't talk much anymore. If our conversations were becoming dry before we broke up, they are downright parched now. "Hi. How are you?" "ok. You?" "good."
Enthralling. Makes me sad. but...
I needed a massage today. Hurt my neck halfway through my show last night. Strained a muscle somehow. Couldn't even move my head when I woke up. So I asked Scott to go with me. We both got 60 minute full-body massages and then went shopping for a while. We had a nice time. Mom, he thanks you for the invitation for Thanksgiving, but he will be going to Arizona to see his parents, since he will probably be going to Portugal sometime around Christmas for work. Besides, he doesn't even ask me to cut his hair anymore. Somehow I think a Thanksgiving with out family would be a little awkward. It's really difficult to be around him sometimes. As we shopped, I found myself reaching for his hand every few minutes without thinking. After a while, we laughed about it and I just linked elbows with him while we walked. It has been two months - seems like much longer - but everything feels the same when he's around. Oh well.

I've got to get ready to dance again. Wish me luck and please say a little prayer that I don't sustain any serious injury to my neck. See some of you tomorrow!!!!!!! :) Jubilation will ensue!


NLBlack said...

Can't wait for tomorrow night! I miss you, too! YES!!! Command performance on a dance with Karly. If you can get over to Lemoore, perhaps you can teach a duo with Roo and Katie.

Kelli said...

Sorry again for not being there to see the show. Looking forward to having you out for Thanksgiving, though!