Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And here we are.
I'm far left. Second row.

I've gone a little crazy with looking at my legs today. They were feeling so buff yesterday! Look at all their dancable glory!

White as can be....

I'm having some issues with my hair in this concert. I am dancing in 6 pieces, each of which has a specific hair style. first it's straight, then wavy, then rainstorm-walk wet, then bed-time half up, then pigtails, then low bun. Awesome. I have about ten minutes to do each style. We haven't even opened yet and my poor hair is fried! I have SOOOOOO much hair, and when I treat it well, it is gorgeous. I was looking forward to getting it nice and long and beautiful again, but it doesn't look like this show wants me to do that. I was rocking out to DANCE PARTY 2008 in my room earlier today and did a little chasse past a mirror. I happened to notice that my hair was... unbelievable... Mom, remember those pictures we took of my 'fro after I cut my hair short for the first time and tried to put it in curlers? I think I was 14... You know you remember. You have the picture sitting in a frame on your desk in the office. You stinker. Yeah, my hair was worse than that. I decided to document it while I continued to rock out.

Stupid bangs.

Just so you know, bangs suck for dance. I can't do a thing with them, except pin them if I am lucky enough to be allowed to have them wet.

Here I am, backstage at the theatre, displaying my only talents when I have a serious case of the jitters: making stupid faces and taking pictures of them.

Hmmm... how big can I make my forehead look?

Oh. Apparently I was busy striking a pose one day this week. Don't remember doing this particular movement... ha!
And if you have ever wondered to yourself, "Hey, what does Laura look like when she's exhausted, craving sushi, and finds out that she tore a ligament in her left shoulder rotator cuff?", I have nicely documented the emotion for you below:

Talk about your pre-performance jitters!
But bring it on! I am so emotionally ready for this show. Let's do it! It's time to finish and move on to more important things in life!
Also, I finally took a picture of the painting Tej brought me from New Dehli, India. I miss him. :(
Apparently, this goddess has several more arms than are shown here. The artist took liberties... lol....



NLBlack said...

I thought I posted yesterday, but don't see it. Your blog ate my post! Oh well!

I love your hair! I want your hair! Mine used to be think, too, but it got thinner with each baby.

That "fro" photo is long gone. I found a new dance photo that I liked better and that took it's place. More YOU.

Two things I want right now:
1. Saturday night.
2. Sushi (thanks, I'm craving it!)