Thursday, December 11, 2008

Being Vegan is... Fun! Surprisingly. I am quite enjoying it. I feel good both physically and emotionally, knowing I'm doing something good for myself. I think I was ready for the change. I've tried all sorts of diets and exercise routines, and they never stick long. I typically hate them all the way through. But I'm liking this vegan thing. Ok, so it's only been 4 days... but still...

We hold the Net Jets field contract here at Corporate Aircraft, meaning that any time that company sends a jet to KFAT, they come to our facility and seek our services. It's huge. They are the reason I have met people like Rudy Juliani, Arnold, Hillary, Bill Engvall, Chris Rock, Beyonce, Rascal Flatts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Larry the Cable Guy, The Transiberian Orchestra, etc.

It's always a little kick in the pants for us here. But what I really love about NetJets is the CATERING. mmmmmmm......... NetJets takes GOOD care of their pilots. Wherever they go, they have full access to whatever food they want. They simply email NetJets directly, and NetJets gets the food to them (this means that NetJets emails ME and makes me work frantically until ALL requested food is ready to be presented however the pilots want it, whenever they want it. THIS, I hate!). The glorious bit is that these pilots often over-order food and leave what they don't want with us. Yum!!! One of the difficult aspects of my job is that we waive our rights to breaks. We work a solid 8 hours, end of story. If you don't sign the waiver, you don't work here. So it is just known amongst corporate pilots that you tip line techs in cash and CSR's in food. A wonderful arrangement, if you ask me.

Today, when I arrived at work today, one of my favorite line techs approached me at the front desk sporting a big, clowny frown.

Laura: "What's wrong?"
Mike: (in the saddest, little boy tone he could muster) "You have chocolate cake in the fridge. I want chocolate cake..." (continues to pout).
Laura: "Oh, I do? A pilot must have left it for me. Well, I can't eat it. I'm vegan. Help yourself!" (big smile and a reassuring "yes, I'm serious nod").
Mike: (giant grin) "Really? Allright!"

Not a minute later, he calls me on the radio, "Mike to Laura. Would you please step into the line office for a moment?"
I do so. Mike is frowning again, holding the cake in one hand.

Laura: "What?"
Mike: "Read."

I approach and read the label on the small box holding the cake. It's a vegan cake from whole foods. Mike had taken a bite and was still unhappily chewing it in obvious distaste. I started giggling and looked up at him. Completely straight-faced, he said "It needs milk."
I think sudden outburst of laughter almost caused HIM to shoot cake out his nose. hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa............


NLBlack said...

LOL!!! I can tell we have a challenge on our hands for Christmas. I'm up for it!! I know where Whole Foods is in Fresno! I also know how to buy at Trader Joes! (Many of my friends are vegan). Just wait....

Wendy said...

So is the vegan thing for ethics or health? I'm vegetarian and try vegan every now and then, because it's the right thing to do... but I love cheese. I can't help it.