Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you."

Last night was DANCE PARTY 2009!!!!! For the first time this year.
My friends, Jana and Ellie, used to live together. During this glorious little time in our college careers, we enjoyed throwing the most groovin' dance parties of all time. It began one day when the three of us were getting ready for some sort of little party we were having at Jana's parents' ranch out in Northern Fresno. We maxed out the volume on her stereo as we were getting all dressed up and began shaking our hips to whatever funny little tunes came up. Jana has such fantastic taste in music that nobody but she has ever heard of any of it. She is one of the few in the world who never got over Hansen after their 1997 hit "Mmm Bop", and has followed them and other obscure indie bands since then.
So in the spacious arena of Jana's rock-and-roll-poster strewn room, we cranked up the tunes and started to move. Any little movement became an instant hit, and we began feeding off of one another, doing the most ridiculous little dances we could think of. Anytime anyone did something that struck the others as interesting, we all caught on and started to follow. Silliest. Days. Ever. Jana, caught up in the fun, jumped up on her bed and declarred it "DANCE PARTY 2006"!!!!!!! So much fun. Nothing but great friends, great music, and great goofy dancing. Reserved for the high-energy, happy occassions, we began to go through life searching for the next "Dance Party (insert year). As soon as it was declared, no matter the circumstance or setting, we all immediately began dancing our worries away!
Tonight was apparently one of those nights. After a movie night at my place, we headed out to my favorite quirky thai food joint, The Million Elephant in Tower District. After that, we laughed and sang to "Squirrel Nut Zipper's" "HELL" from the "HOT" Album back in 1997 or 8. When we got back to my place, DANCE PARTY 2009 was declared and the cluster of us goofily grooved to great music including "If You Wanna Be Happy", "Hey Mickey, You're So Fine", and "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun", as well as some other more obscure music. Good times, good times.
It was much needed. But now I find myself in bed with my laptop playing "If You Wanna Be Happy" over and over, craving another DANCE PARTY 2009!!!!! lol..... makes me laugh. and smile. and DANCE! WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


NLBlack said...

You post made me happy. Now I have to go find that music to get my day going. :-)

Andrew Fretwell said...

Some things are just awesome. :)