Friday, February 27, 2009

So it's 3AM and I cannot sleep. There are billions of thoughts zipping through my mind, and I can't calm them to save my life. Today was not a great day. It stunk, as a matter of fact. At the end of my bad days, I have a propencity to look through the happy blogs of those I love. In case you were wondering, this is NOT a healthy practice for me.

I know I'm a downer, but I'm pretty bluesy tonight and need to express it. Maybe I will fall asleep while I write. Hey Wendy, can I borrow some of your sleepiness?

Looking at your blogs is a bitter-sweet experience for me. I miss you all very much. Feel so distant both geographically and practically. Your lives all consist of children, grandchildren, careers, homes, establishment, spouses, and loving families. I often feel very alone when I study your blogs. What different worlds we live in.


That was my biggest dream until recent years. That's all I really wanted in life. Children of my own, children in a classroom, children everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if 'aunt' is as close as I will get to 'mom'. Yeah, I know. I've "got plenty of time". Of course I do. That doesn't make this easier. From where I'm standing at the moment, that just means I've got plenty of time left to watch the years pass without the family I have always wanted. This is not how I thought things would go for me at this age... I fully expected to have a life similar to Kelli's. I planned on it. Did I make a mistake when I came to Fresno? Where did I go wrong? I feel like such a failure sometimes.

Due to recent events, I have given up on dating in Fresno. Single for a year is my goal. I'm leaving this place in a year anyway. Eugene, Oregon is now at the top of my list, just above Roehampton in London. So here goes another year without any hope of children of my own, which clearly means another year beyond that. A bare minimum of 2-3 years before I can possibly have children. That's about right, I suppose. Even then, I'll still be in an MFA program, so no children then, even if I did manage to establish a relationship good enough for marraige. That puts me at about 29-30 years old before children are an option, if I carry out my goals. So which is more important to me? Children (assuming I get married by the time I'm 30), or a terminal degree? What an awful question, Laura.

Your children are so beautiful. All of them. I love to recall having the chance to live amongst some of them briefly. Amazing experiences. What a glorious thing it must be to be a mother. What a joy.

There are so many women in much more bleak circumstances than I. I shouldn't complain. I'm so young yet. It just hurts. Imagine the couples who discover that they cannot bare children. Imagine the women who have gone through a lifetime single. How lonely. How frustrating.
I've got nothing to worry about. It just hits me when I see your blogs. I'm still alone, and I desparately want a husband and children of my own.

I'm just not ready yet, I guess.

I wonder when I will be.

Treasure your children.


The Wibergs said...

I can relate. Being single sucks sometimes. Other times--what fun! Same with being mom. It's the most rewarding job, but sometimes it's just dang hard. Enjoy where you are and stop looking for greener pastures.

(By the way--have you noticed I haven't posted in a while? I was getting bugged by how happy and bubbly other people were and didn't want to play the game. So I'm on blog holiday. Sounds like we've got blog disgust in common.)

Kelli said...