Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh Hey Look, It's March.

Hi family. Sooo.... it's been a few months, eh? Yeah. Sorry 'bout that.
Life has changed (need I say it?) ... again. ;)So here's the latest. Daniel's gone. That's been a long time comin'. A good change. Don't be sad. I'm not. :)
I spoke to Frankie for the first time in a long time last week. You all remember Frankie, right? He's doing really well, living in Fremont with his grandmother, going to school (I think), and working on his ridiculously funny podcast, "Idle Hour". I'm going to pretend that he says "Hi" to the family, even though he never got around to saying those actual words. But you get the idea.

I'm just about half way through my final semester as an undergrad. Yes, skip, dance, be merry, get it all out of your system. At least I did it. I have applied to several grad schools and I'm just waiting on the acceptance letters. Mills College in Oakland is my top choice, though it packs a 3 year program into 2 years, which means you can all kiss me goodbye until 2012. But according to those Myan calendars, we may be all kissing eachother goodbye that year anyway... haha.
I had an excellent audition experience at Mills, made good relationships, connected with current grad students, and made a decent impression upon many of the faculty. I was told that my improvisation was excellent both by current and hopeful students. With the quality of my application packet, I am very hopeful for Mills. Still, about 50 people auditioned and they only accept 8-12. Fingers crossed.

Portable Dance Troupe opened and closed last month with our production of "The Body Electric". The show went very well and received fantastic reviews. On with the next. University Dance Theatre will be opening in April and I expect it to be some of my best work yet.
On the 17th, I'll be heading to Arizona with a quartet of CSUF dancers to compete in the American College Dance Festival with Robert Moses' "Brush and Hold". Mom and Kelli saw this piece when they came to PDT. It's good "contemporary modern" material, but we need a little more polishing time. Nerves.

Eleanor came over the weekend that Daniel moved out and helped me rearrange things and perform a sage cleanse. That may seem strange to some of you. Consider it a hippie version of a blessing on my home. :) She also revealed many old photos of us from years ago. Here's a happy memory from about 5 years ago when i was really upset about my hair and some boy in my life at the time. She knew I was depressed so she came over, dressed me up and took me out to some club for reggae night. We were just about the only two people there besides the band and we had a total blast. We even stopped in a gas station to have someone take our picture... as shown below.

Last weekend, Ellie and I decided to go to the Bay Area for some non-Fresno fun. I stayed with my friend, Molly, who lives in this incredible house with the view shown above. Not fair, I know. Good times were had by all.
Can't get enough of that non-Fresno fun.

Things are falling into place for my summer job. My contract is in and I am officially the head dance instructor and director of the dance division at Camp Lohikan. The last Senior staff they had was in "High School Musical III", the movie. I won't tell her that I hate those films. She has been helping me get things together and prepare for the rigorous summer ahead. I can't wait! And it looks like I will be leaving my car here, so let me know ahead of time if you want me to stop by on my way into PA, because I'll need to arrange flights to wherever you happen to be. :)

Happy Friday. I'm off to see Alice in Wonderland with some friends. Namaste.


Tiana said...

Wow.... so you are still alive. And incredibly busy. Good times. I hope everything works out well for you!