Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi Family! I know! I know! TWO posts within a single month!!!! Could it be that Laura has been bored? (GASP! No, mom, I didn't actually SAY the B word, so it doesn't count). Below are some recent photos from random little activities in the life of Laura. I don't actually have the time to go through and caption each event, so I'll just give a general overview and let the pictures do the talking. Below you will see the makeup done on the heterosexual love of my life, Eleanor, by our friend, Jered, for his lighting design class. Coincidentally, Ellie was the canvas for my lighting project last year in the same class, but I used her as an object to light as she stood on the stage in a few poses I set for her. Jered chose to pick an artist and capture that artist both in lighting and style. It's all rather complicated, but he had a friend do Ellie's make-up to reflect the artist's work and then he set lights on her that resembled color and texture palettes of the same artist.

You will also be able to see my monthly "is my hair long yet?" test where I curl my hair to see if it is long enough to still look long when it is in curls. It's not quite there yet. :( But my bobble head Dwight loves me anyway.

Finally, you will see me with Ellie and a few of our friends in all our Post-Salsa sweaty glory! Last night we went to The Starline and danced like crazy for about 4 hours. I promise, we looked nice when we arrived. But after hours of dancing with strange, sweaty men, we lost our luster.

That's it. Try not to be too thrown off by my renewed attention to blogger. It will happen again soon, as the American College Dance Festival is NEXT WEEK!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! A week in Arizona for Laura, Ellie, Mallory, Kyle, and Ruth! It is going to be the BEST ACDF ever!!!!!! We may even win this one!!!!!!
Wish me luck. We fly out on Wednesday. Love you ALL!!!!!!