Monday, April 28, 2008

Emma is hysterical. I sat her on my lap to take a picture, and after fighting for my camera for a while, she gave up and just sat there.
Then I looked down at her and she was doing this... She wasn't making any noise, she wan't yawning. She was just kind of shaking in this frustrated pose. I laughed for a few seconds and snapped a picture, then suddenly worried that she was having some kind of episode. When I stopped laughing she instantly snapped out of it and looked at me with curiosity. I smiled and she smiled back. Weird. Funny girl. I wonder if she was just frustrated that she couldn't have the camera.
Hey, those are mine...
"Gimme that camera!!!"
"oooo.... electronics.... gimme"
"I want it!"
"oh, but I don't want this"
"I look goooood"


Kelli said...

Yeah, she's been doing that intense shaking thing more and more lately. I wonder if I should be worried. It is kind of funny to watch though. You caught quite the shot there!

Kelli said...

Yeah, I got your note. I think you and I should make our way to Utah. I coul swim, or color... thatwas a particularly interesting suggetion... I'll color my way to Carin. :) I totally love the idea of running. Ijust need to try working it into my day a fewtimes before I commit to it. Because once I commit, I'm doing it, no turning back.

Wade & Carin said...

You girls! Look what we've started! Now Kell might be coloring her way to UT! My goodness, hope you have lots of paper & crayons handy.

Cute blog Laura. I see pictures of Emma on Kelli's blog all the time, but I feel like I've SEEN more of her personality in this one post than I have in the past year of her life. I hear about it and read about it, but this is the best GLIMPSE of it so far. :)