Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...and I should seriously be doing homework. Half a portfolio for Teaching Creative Movement for Children, a research paper on Paul Taylor's "Aureole", a Modern Dance self assessment, and a review of Taylor Theis' latest modern weight-sharing piece are begging me to finish them by next Tuesday, and I'm spending the weekend in the Bay Area for National Dance week (expect pictures next week). But what am I doing instead? Oh yes. Blogging.

Oh wow.. I don't think I can watch this show anymore. Ocassionally, I peek over my shoulder to watch the latest happenings of Nanny 911. Most recently, a New York mom was cursing at her five excessively violent and noisey children, telling them that if they know what's good for them, they will stay away from her. Then mommy cries and wonders why her children swear and scream and hit. Seriously, mom? Really?

I can't stand it. Had to change it. When I'm sitting here dreaming of the day that I can have my own babies, strive to be as good a mother as the mothers in my family, and love them more than I can possibly imagine right now, I can't watch a mother blessed with five beautiful children teach them that they are worthless to her.

Okokok... homework calls.


Carin said...

Unfortunately we all have our bad days. Although, you'd think that with her knowing the cameras were there she'd try to pull it together a little.

Get back to work! The blog will be there when you're done. And why exactly is the TV on? (who do I sound like?)