Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Heart San Francisco

Not really.
I am going to see the San Francisco Ballet on Saturday night and I have to buy a formal (or at least super dooper nice semi formal) dress. All my friends are wearing slinky black dresses. You know the kind, the ones that only cover the bits that make it legal for you to be in public, maybe a little more. As I connot wear these, they all have been pestering me to be sure I wear something appropriate. They have suggested a thousand items each, none of which I can or will wear. Any ideas of where to look? I must have it by 2PM tomorrow...


Carin said...

Oh dang--by 2 tomorrow. yikes. I have found that the more expensive stores like Macy's, Dillards, Meier & Frank (you know, the more upscale, expensive department stores) tend to have nice stuff, but of course it usually costs more than where I normally shop. I'd go there if you're in a bind for time more than money. I also found some really nice semi formals at Burlington Coat Factory and they were priced amazingly cheap. Not sure if they always have them in stock or if they were in Christmas formal gear at the time. Good luck!

I also recommend not going for the 'little black dress' or anything like it. Go with something you'll wear again (and often). Maybe a long black straight skirt & pretty blouse, maybe with a blazer. Something you can be comfortable wearing in lots of settings.

Who am I to recommend anything? I don't shop for clothes anymore! Not since I don't fit into my standard size 10 (pre-Katelynn). Just get something that works for you--don't worry about fitting into the crowd.

Laurabelle said...

Burlington is a great idea, thanks. I have to be formal, as this is part of a grade. Director looked at me (the most commonly casual of the prissy, dancer group) and said "be sure you dress in an extremely FORMAL manner". everyone dresses in their very best at the ballet. It's like prom for old rich farts.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to come off sounding like the cheapest person on the planet but.....

I've found some great things at thrift stores. If you have a more upscale thrift store or one that benefits the cancer society or something like that, you can find some treasures! Many people will only wear a formal once, and then get rid of it. I once found one with the tag still on it!

Good luck!