Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Look familiar? Scott took me to Monterey over Christmas Break to go to my favorite restaurant, The Old Fisherman's Grotto. We had such a great time. Just behind us on the rocks above the water is a huge sea lion with an ENORMOUS shark bite mark on its side. Scott and I think it was a great white, it was so huge. Scary! That's one luck sea lion. Wish we could have rubbed his belly for luck, but it may have hurt him... or it might have fallen off!!! Why didn't I take a picture of him?!

Oh my, what's that thing in the water behind us?! Loch ness? In monterey?!
By the way, I am a monster.
Oh, funny story. Scott and I were talking about marriage pretty seriously for a bit earlier this year. We even looked at rings a few times. He decided he would buy a loose diamond and have it set in a design he liked. I told him I liked princess cut. Months go by and we haven't talked about it much at all. One day I go to his computer to print something out, and there on his desk is this loose princess cut diamond. I freak out, naturally, thinking that this is some cute way for him to propose to me. But I look at him and he isn't watching me. I play it cool, wait for a while, see if he notices that I've seen it, but he never does. I pick it up and examine it. No reaction from him. I hold it to the light. Nothing. I put it down, not wanting to spoil anything he's planning. "Oh no, what if I wasn't supposed to see it?!" I wondered. I could hardly contain it, but I kept my calm and pretended I never saw it. Days went by, and every day I needed to print something out. Each time I went to the computer, that diamond was still sitting on his desk. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore. I picked up the rock and looked at him with an awkward smile and asked "what's this?". I expected a grin, a wink, maybe a laugh, or bells and whistles to go off and balloons to fall from the ceiling. You know, the usual. Yeah, no. He looked at me with a totlally straight face and said "it's yours". I didn't quite know what to say. Was he proposing? I felt a huge grin grow across my face as I turned red with excitement. I tried to control it and stay cool, but I couldn't help it. He must have seen me force my contorted face into a momentary question mark, because he went on to explain "it fell out of your earing back in October, remember?"
HOLY MOLY!!!!!!! I burst out in laughter (inside only, of course. on the outside I was cool as could be). "Oh! Right..."
"Yeah", he said, "I found it on the floor downstairs a while ago.
"Thanks". A couple hours later I told him what I had been thinking and we had a good solid laugh.
FYI, no wedding bells here just yet. Certainly not this summer, and fall brings school, so not this year. Don't hold your breath. I finally exhaled a few months ago, myself. We're good. Just dating. Scott loves his growbox. Built and planted it himself.
We LOVE his apartments' spa and swimming pool. Funny people hang out there playing catchphrase late at night. Good times.
Many moons ago, Scooty and I decided to have a funny face photo shoot. This is the result. Yes, I am aware that they are all sideways. It's more fun that way. So there.

I forgot to change my face!

Scooty let's me cut his hair. He would prefer to have it cut every week, so strong is his hatred for hair that touches his ears or exceeds one inch in length. I, on the other hand, refuse to cut it more than once a month. This last round, he actually let it go for two months!!!! Woohooooo!
Maybe we should have omitted the extreme close-up... He looks creepy and I look sleepy.
Camera Shy? hi me.
hi you.
I took Scott shopping several months ago to get him used to wearing something other than white shorts and a white t-shirt. It worked! Isn't he handsome?

Ok, I'm done now. It's after midnight. Time for sleep. Tata.


Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute together!!! The diamond story was very funny!