Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ok, I've finally caught on to the fact that I've been tagged. I will go along with this game, however, it ends here. Mostly because all the people I know on here have already been tagged. So there. Prepare to learn the quarks of Laura.

1) Fact: I talk, walk, kick, and snore when sleeping. This is no subtle thing, either. I am a seriously active sleeper. I have been known to sing songs, violently kick at pillows and walls, snore louder and longer than a chainsaw, get out of bed and talk to nobody, go to the bathroom without removing necessary pieces of clothing... Yes yes, it's all very embarrassing. I've done some strange things in my sleep. Laugh it up. No wonder I hate waking up. I'm wearing myself out while I sleep.

2) I do not care for video games due to the fact that I often become extremely addicted to them. I have, in fact, wasted entire days of my life playing the darn things. The only one I will allow myself to play is guitar hero, and I have no reason for that exception other than I just don't care! I LOVE THAT GAME!!!!! Any other game, though, I do my best to stay away from. Otherwise I will disappear and waste away in the most pointless way imaginable.

3) I am very easily swayed by infomercials. I cannot watch them or I will find myself justifying reasons why I NEED that particular item in my life. I have never fallen into the trap of a purchase yet, but I know that I begin to believe whatever they advertise. It's pretty ridiculous.

4) I have itchy feet. As a child, I HAD to leave a little length in the toes of my socks so that I could fold them under my toes. Throughout the day I would then use this extra flap of sock to rub out the "internal itch" in my feet. I know. I'm a freak. Being a barefoot dancer has made things a little easier. But even now, as I type this, I am rubbing the souls of my feet over the sharp heel points of my work shoes. I must either do this or flex my gastrocnemius (calf muscles) or I go insane. True story. Interestingly enough, the feet have the largest pores in the body, as well as one of the largest collections of nerve endings. Because of this, babies take in a great deal of learning and information about the world through their feet (other areas like this include the tongue, fingertips, and lips). Many anthropologists believe that adults have a declining rate in learning (and the ability thereof) because they are always wearing shoes. I have read journals that have discussed the benefits of having bare feet (in clean, safe environments, of course) and touching things with them, changing their temperature by getting them wet, walking in grass, sand, gravel, etc. The foot is also the location of the largest collection of bones in the body. 26 bones in all located from the base of the maleolus minora and majora (sp?) to the tip of the toes. These bones are surrounded by ligaments and thin, terrifically strong strands of fascia. I persoanally believe that one can increase one's health and general ability to learn by keeping their feet active, stretching, working the muscles, and soaking them, all of which will help release the toxins that naturally gather in our feet, the bottom of our bodies, by gravity throughout the day.
This is all terribly fascinating to me, but I would imagine the rest of you find it dreadfully dull. I have internally itchy feet, the end. So let's hear something about Scott, eh?

5) Scott has the funniest habit... When we are relaxing, watching a movie or reading or anything done in stillness, he tends to raise one hand over his head, place his palm on the top of his head and, with his fingers, he massages his forehead. He moves the skin up and down as if it is a completely normal thing to do. I laugh hysterically every time I catch him, it's just the cutest thing! What a funny man.

6) Just because I love Scott so much, I am going to post another funny fact about him (this is, after all, OUR page). Scott is the world's worst lip-syncher. He loves to do it, and he does it with complete confidence. However, no matter how well he knows the song, his lips simply do not match the music! He performs little ditties for me all the time during commercial music, in the car with the radio on, or when I have my Ipod playing too loud. He's just terrible! It's the cutest thing in the world. Well, in MY world, anyway.

There. 6 facts about us. The insanity ends here. :)


Kelli said...

I know another fact: Laura cannot keep within herself the compulsion to teach and anatomy lesson whenever a body part is mentioned in passing.

And Scott is a pretty creative coriographer. (I probably misspelled that -- it's late, and I just don't care enough to look it up and fix it right now.) You should ask him to do the potty dance should you ever get the chance to see it!

Wade & Carin said...

Thanks for the lesson Laura. Nice, including Scott in your list of stuff to take some focus off your weirdness. Sorry, didn't work. We all know the truth!

NLBlack said...

Nice lessons are fine as long the you keep the foot rubs coming!!!

We need a photo of Scott with his hand on his head!