Friday, April 25, 2008

UDT Fall '07

I'm trying to fill everyone in on the last year of my life. Much to my shagrin(sp?...) significant events are simply not falling into chronilogical order in my head. My apologies if any of this is jumbled.
In November of '07, I performed for CSU Fresno's University Dance Theatre (UDT). The following are a ridiculous number of photos taken backstage (yes, that is what nervous dancers do backstage. we see how many pictures we can take before we go on). Funny bits of UDT:

Aimee and Anthony (two of my dancers). Aimee is in the costume for my piece and Anthony is dressed for his traditional Polynesian dance. He's fantastic! I am dressed for the opening piece, a Beatles tribute to "Come Together" by Kensington Stettler.
My dancers! Aimee, Anthony, Myself, Madeline, and Kensington. The girls with the red masks were a background trio against a duet performed by Anthony and Madeline (girl in red). The piece was called "Ain't Home". First half was in silence. Second half was performed to a rock song by The White Stripes' "Let's Build a Home".

Lexi and me
Jen and I have the jitters

There is something wrong with our faces (me and Lindsay Jo)

Maddie is my female soloist. What a doll.
Lexi and Jen are beautiful dancers.
Katrina Acoba's Modern Jazz piece. Katrina is in pink in the front row.

My stage manager is pondering the meaning of life.

I think Aimee is going to be sick...

Shanelle says she is president of my fan club. My stage manager claims to be treasurer.
Apparently they have a fund. They actually made T-shirts. These girls are nuts, but I love 'em.
AH!!!!! Five minutes 'til curtain!
HURRY! One more!

Aw, our friends love us.
Maddie, Julie and I somehow manage to squeeze a snapshot into our one minute quick-change.
That was a lousy performance. Better luck tomorrow night.

Left to right, Laura, Kensington, Taryn, Lindsey Jo, Dana in "Rama Lama Bang Bang"
Hysterical piece. Black lights, doll faces, and umbrellas. Good times

Taylor Theis (fabulous dancer), Aimee Brey (fabulous actress) and Laura Black. Backstage wishing we weren't wearing pounds of makeup.
Full finale "garb" and "beat" (costume and makeup).
Funny faces with the stage manager. Be nice to stage managers.
Pre-opening night jitters. And someone has given me bunny ears. I must identify them....

Why do I always make the same stupid funny face? Aren't I creative?


Wade & Carin said...

I like the new look of your blog. Where was that top picture taken?

Laurabelle said...

In Monterey near Cannery Row. Scott and I like to go to the coast as often as possible. That particular weekend he took me to my favorite restaurant, The Old Fisherman's Grotto. It was a blast.