Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hello again. I have completed my coursework for the semester, rested, and recovered from the mess. Just a few final exams next week and I'm free for three glorious months. I don't feel that I will be getting the grades I'd like this semester, due to my three separate illnesses, two week concert, and conflicts at work (attendance is a huge chunk of the grade in my technique classes, and I missed way more than the allowed amount this term). But I wrote excellent papers and took make-up classes when I could. Perhaps my professors will be lenient...
We shall see. In my other courses I did very well. Straight A's. We'll see how that averages out with my GPA.

I have discovered that I officially cannot graduate until Fall of '09 instead of Spring of '09. How lame is that?! They will not be offering a course I need until that semester! I'm a little ticked. But since I have the time, I'm not going to cram my schedule like I would have in order to finish next spring. Sanity. It's beautiful.

Hey mom, like my new LARGE text? Just for you. heheh....

*NOTE* I sent out some special Mother's Day cards to all the moms in my family, but I just found out that they didn't leave until today... so they will be a little belated. I'm so sorry! But look for them in the mail next week.

Also, Scott is now actively posting on his very own new blog! Check out his very cool page and all his posted thoughts at the link to the right under "MY LOVES", "Jolly Green Giant". That's my Scooty. Isn't he fantastic? Yes. Yes he is.

I'm loving my new apartment! My roommates are awesome, the place is beautiful, the AIR CONDITIONING is such a novel idea! wow, nice and cool all summer long. It's right next to my gym (Hey Carin, check it out. I'm tracking miles too!), it's cheap, and it's close to Scott and School. Wohooo! I love it.

Scott and I went for our first swim of the year today. It was such a blast. He's going scuba diving at Catalina this summer and needs to use up the oxygen left in his tank before then so he can refill them. He'll be teaching me to scuba dive in his pool! I can't wait!!!! Expect pictures because scott has an underwater camera!

I know my last few posts have been photoless, but that will change next post. I just got my hands on some of Scott's pictures of us from past adventures, so there will be more soon. I'm at work right now (SO BORING TODAY!) so I do not have access to my pics.

My roommate (the one I actually share a room with), Lori Champlain, has a new blog too. Look for the link soon, possibly tonight (next time I get my hands on my laptop). She is such a great girl, adorable at 4' 11 3/4" tall. She holds a beautiful personality in an itty bitty frame, and I just love her to itty bitty pieces! She's also my Relief Society president. I seem to have an overabundance of those in my life right now. Hmmmm.... :)

I'm saving money for a new car, preferably a Toyota Echo or Carolla, somwhere in the 2004-5 year range. I've found several for $6-10,000 in my area. I just don't want to go into debt, but my car is about dead. I'm going to make it last another year. By that time, I should have around $2,000 saved, which is my minimum requirement for my downpayment on any vehichle. My credit is getting much better, and apparently was ok to begin with. Maybe in a year I can seriously look at buying a car. I can't get anything for mine anymore. It's just a sad little piece of tin. But it's done me good, I tell ya. Don't know what I would have done without it. What a trooper that baby is. I'd like to spruce her up a bit, take really good care of her machanics and get her the new bumper and grille that Adam Sharp was supposed to replace a long time ago. I'm torn between doing that and saving for the new car. Maybe I should take a poll. Yep. Just because I'm bored, I'm taking a poll. Answers and comments of opinions will be appreciated.


Carin said...

K, a few things...
1) I answered the poll before reading your post. I would fix the car just enough to continue getting around (no new bumper or shinyness), then I'd save like crazy for a new one.

2) I saw that you're tracking miles now too & I'm freaking out---you've already gone 12 miles in just 2 days! I've got to up my game! I have a feeling I'm going to lose this race (that never really was a race, but I think it is)

3) You need to show off that new dress. So get on it. We've waited patiently while you finished school. Now move.

Jolly Green Giant said...

forget the new bumper. just save for the car or go to the junkyard. or let me just reattch the bumper really easy with my new drill :) in no time have it on there for good

Anonymous said...

I think you should listen to Scott's advice!

Also, since you have an abundance of RS presidents in your life, we should have numbers.

I'll claim RSP1, as I'm longest in. Carin and Lori can fight over 2 and 3.

Oh, and Adam, Kelli, the girls, Ross, Liz and their kids are here today. Dominos!!!! You guys should be here!

Love, RSP1

Carin said...

Dude, if you get a bike -- no counting the miles on our little trek race! That would be great exercise though, biking everywhere. Hope Scott is willing to drive you to the grocery store cuz that would not be fun on a bike.

Kelli said...

Both Adam and I have read/heard from different sources that it is far more economical to run a car down to its bitter end than to finance a car. Drive the car until it dies. In the mean time put aside the money that you would have put toward payments on a financed car. If the car dies before you're ready to buy a newer used one out-right, then it's kind of a necessary thing to finance a bit and at least you'll have a big down payment. (If you HAVE to finance, pay it off A.S.A.P.) We've been learning it's OK to go into debt for SOME things (house, education... MAYBE a car...) but it is definiately NOT OK to let your debt drag on and on and on. You go outside of your means by financing. You LIVE outside your means by dragging on payments and living from day to day like you're not actually living on someone else's money.

(How was THAT for a soap box?!?)