Sunday, June 1, 2008


That title has absolutely nothing to do with this blog. I just like the word. I think I misspelled it, however. . . Oh well. These pictures are about three weeks old and completely out of order (as you will clearly see by how light or dark it is). Scott and I went to a Kieth Anderson concert at Woodward park a few weeks back, one of Kiss Country's $5 summer concert series. Way fun.

Lady Antebellum (another bad spelling... I'm tired and a bit apathetic at this point). They rocked our socks off. They were my favorite act of the night. They sing "Love Don't Live Here Anymore", a grammatically incorrect song which, if you EVER listen to country, you have probably heard a googol times and know by heart. Still, the female singer was completely thrilled when she realized that the entire crowd knew all the words to her song. She was such a doll, jumping up and down with excitement when we would sing. They're super-talented singers, very laid back and fun onstage.
Super-awesome action. Behold their action-ness.
Again, rocking out. Wow, this is kind of a boring blog. Hey Kelli... "Gee, I really love ya. And we're gonna get married". hehehehe
This is Chase and Alyssa demonstrating how dating is done. Chase looked over at Scott and me in our comfy lazy-boy portable reclining separate chairs, too separate to cuddle, and said "That's not dating! THIS is how dating is done!" and cuddled up with his girlfriend (who, a few weeks later became his fiance). Hey, maybe Scott and I should give that cuddling thing a try! hehehehe.....
Kieth Anderson. He rocked. And by "Rocked" I actually mean "Sucked". He was cocky and annoying and boring. Lady Antebellum was he best by far. Boo hiss on Kieth Anderson.

Scott and me, NOT being a proper, cuddly couple.

Check out my icky nose! weird!
It was a beautiful night, very enjoyable.

This girl was cool. Can't remember her name...
It was pretty packed. We were halfway up.
This is me demonstrating my phenomenal photography technique... Forgot to zoom out.

Alyssa is such a doll...
We had such fun. It was a great kick off to our summer. More fun to come.
So how's everyone enjoying our quest for skype setup?


Andrew Fretwell said...

I remember that concert!! Awesome show. Had absolutely no idea you were there though. About that small world factor you and I keep bumping into....