Monday, June 16, 2008

Judgment Has Been Passed

First of all, I'd like to point out how lame I am being right now. I could have and should have put effort into a nice blog about Scooty-my-love for his 27th birthday, or about my wonderful Daddy for... helloooooo..... FATHER'S DAY! Come on, Laura. I also have plans to post blogs about my birthday at six flags, flying and airplane with Scott, and writing a funny story to some funny pictures Scott and I took on a date. But nooooo.... When I finally get around to blogging, it is only to comment on the ridiculous (and probably completely random) judgements of a blog-reading-level-judgery-thingy (see, I should score a college level right there!). I saw this on my cousin Wendy's blog. This is a woman of great writing talent, whose postings constantly keep me engaged and anxious to read more. Her level according to this source: Junior High.... You have got to be kidding me. See the link to her page on the right to read her follow-up on this. If you understand it at all, come back and see me so I can kick you (I hardly understood half of it...).
So how is it, my dear friends, that this blog has been rated at a high school level? I mean, I do go to college, but really? Higher than Wendy's? I call shinanighans.


Carin said...

My friends started doing this on their blogs a few months ago & I was so excited that mine came back at a high school level. The majority of the blogs I saw were elementary school level. I was sure mine would be too! How stupid is that thing!?! How dumb that I was afraid of it's rating too!

NLBlack said...

Ok, that thing is crazy. My blog (if you want to call it that) consists of ripped-off gifs of Cinderella and Snow White for the granddaughter, pictures of family, and few words. Mine was rated "GENIUS!".

Anonymous said...

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Carin said...

who was that!?! Can you even read spanish?

K, so did you see mom's blog? She's a genius! :-O

Wendy said...

Thanks for the validation Laura! You made my day!.

Wendy said...

P.S. I think that's Portuguese or some Spanish/Portuguese dialect up there and yeah, who the heck is that? I have been trying to read it and I think it says something about buying fresh meat and somebody has diabetes. ??? It's funny though. Let's all comment in other languages with fictitious names from now on!!!