Tuesday, October 7, 2008

War On Depression

Walking along today, I came across a vendor's faire outside the Student Union at Fresno State. I decided that I would very much like to have a picture for our sadly barren walls at home, something my roommates often complain about. Sinatra can make any home more attractive. Tada!

Then, as I was walking away, my eyes fell upon this masterpiece.... Had to have it. I LOVE this painting. Score points for Laura. Gold star day. Despite all the gloominess.

I was going through photos, wondering what to do with my vast collections of completely random pictures, and I thought I might share some for no reason at all. If I have posted any of these before, don't tell me. I don't care.

We caught this fire hydrant deliberately breaking the law.

Lovely view over a lake in Mammoth.

Chase looks nifty in silhouette

Tunnel Vision!!! I find this entertaining.

Another beautiful view.

Last night, my roommates kidnapped me at 11PM and took me for a drive. I suppose I have been visably depressed lately, and they said it would be good for me. We just went driving around the foothills, listening to good old music. Every so often, my roommate, Lori, would say "Oooo, this is a good spot. Let's get out and take a picture here" or something to that affect. We obeyed.

Laura, Lori (RS Pres. #3 in my life), and Kristen. Have I mentioned that I have the cutest roommates ever? Because I do.
I think these are the stars... I tried, in vain, to take pictures of them several times; they were amazing.
Laura, Kristen, and Lori, Decisively adorable.

Here we are with some pretend ducks.
And much more clear, the same ducks. Because Lori thought they were cool.
A close-up of Lori's teeth, because Laura does not know how to use her camera. Or maybe she does, and this was done for effect so that Little Peanut Lori wouldn't look so little (she measures in at four feet, two inches, or something ridiculously short like that. It's the cutest thing in the world).

I felt much better by the time we got home at 1AM. Thanks, Lori and Kristen. I love you ladies.


NLBlack said...

I love the Sinatra picture!! The fire hydrant and comment caused my computer screen great need to be cleaned because it made my spray the juice I had been drinking. Thanks! ;-)

Your roommates are darling! I'm not sure where the ducks were, but I could see the people.

The photo of the rock climber could be a poster! Great shot!

The Wibergs said...

Picasso? I really thought you'd be a Degas girl, given your fascination with dance. Check him out. You might find something you love.

I liked your story (below) too. You are such a silly girl. Love that. I’m glad you’ve got great roomies who are looking out for ya.

Now go check out Degas.

Wendy said...

Hey, how's the war lately? I hope your kicking boo-tay!